Evergreen Content - Darkmoon faire

Quite a bit of threads in General that talks about Evergreen content in WoW such as adding a new Pirate Island or creating a new Neutral city, but we already have potentially the best neutral city / pirate island already in the game with the Darkmoon Island.

We already have faire games sure and dailies around the faire theme, but Silas Darkmoon has acquired so much money throughout the years, it’s time for him to invest and transform the faire, into a themepark.

Some of the systems and content that has been added in the game that Blizzard should import over to DMF is a Mage Tower like system, Torghest like system, Island Expedition, and a stage where players can plan events or plays using in game spell graphics and assests to enhance whatever story they want to tell. You can even utilize some of the Garrison tech where you can place buildings, trees, and other random items around the stage.

The Darkmoon faire has honestly so much potential to be the hangout spot for so many different play styles, and I really hope that Blizzard considers just going hard on it in the near future.

Oh also, make it available all the time!