Thoughts for evergreen content

Last night a buddy and I were talking about WoW and the things it’s done wrong over time, how to fix those, and things they could do going forward. We got onto the topic of evergreen content, and this is what I thought of:

A new neutral city added into a vanilla zone like Southern Barrens or a place similar. Have it be a faire ground type city with various areas for things like an ever present transmog competition tent. A mount competition tent, pet battle tourneys, and so on. Have part of the city be a coliseum with all old PvP appearance vendors standing outside alongside current season vendors, and inside the arena have little areas for duels like the BFA dueler’s guild, but add a couple titles and some transmog stuff to earn.

This seemed like something that wouldn’t be too difficult to implement and would give the players some of that evergreen non-endgame content they enjoy to take part in when not trying to progress end game.

No, everything that is older than 1 patch must be nuked into obscurity by ilv growth.

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Ok, please comment on the post not detail the discussion please.

I think they need to do more, but this is not a bad first step and, if nothing else, would give folks hope for more evergreen content to come.

However, rather than a new city, I’d suggest incorporating all of this into a new and improved Darkmoon Faire and just make it a continual part of the game rather than the way it is now. Also, the transmog competition is essentially a permanent Trial of Style so we could do away with that event - and we could increase the rewards from it too.

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Basically, and yeah adding it all to the DMF and making it permanently accessible would also work

Probably not something I would use but that doesn’t mean others wouldn’t. If they could find time it wouldn’t be bad idea for them to add in some more casual content.

Interesting idea. Made me think of DM Faire but that’s only once a month.

Maybe they could combine DM Faire into something like what you’ve outlined, OP?

Yeah me an Tabihtha just talked about that, make DMF permanent and add this to it