GD:Evergreen Content - Darkmoon faire

A lot of players will consider that any outside content from Raid, M+, PVP will cost them a tier or something, but the game needs this kind of updates, Holidays events could provide new questlines, pvp brawls, solo challenges…etc

Same with Darkmoon Faire and as mentioned by Abolita, Islands expeditions, Magetower, Torghast all those features shouldn’t be designed around an expansion but as permanent systems on the game that could receive updates like Brawlers guild previously that got some updates but then Blizzard just forgot that it exist.

A lot of players tried other MMORGPs during content drought recently on which the mini games are available all the time and not this kind of “faire” style which makes senses if you consider it like an image from IRL kind of faire events, I personally don’t like that idea from Devs for a game because the same concept block players from Holidays transmogs and toys that are linked to a specific time period.

Thanks Abolita, Hopefully some day WoW can have some evergreen content, Shadowlands have features split into 4 covenants and the Ember Court had the best gameplay compared to the other ones that lack of gameplay and updates.


Everyone would benefit from a Darkmoon Faire which is available all day and night. It would help a lot with the reputation grind for the Insane title, the monthly quests could be on a weekly reset, people had a hang out and RPers would be entertained to no end.


i think you’re right, but i don’t think it would feel like a faire anymore…or “holiday”. It gives people something to look forward to, like timewalking and other special events do.

those things are really important to make it feel like a real virtual world. i don’t think darkmoon faire and brawler’s guild are really the same thing

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