Eranikus Transfers closed? Or a bug?

smh brøthers and sisters, you should have been faster when xferring. I saw Sulfuras go from dead to bustling and closed in 3 days. Eranikus has been open for 4 days.

My hypothesis is that one of blizz’s automated systems detected that if all accounts with at least 1 character in Eranikus connected at the same time, a queue would trigger lol

Right now I reckon the Eranikus pop at peak times is less than Faerlina’s valley hours, which wouldn’t justify my hypothesis being true…

I just wish that Blizz will be free from the clutches of Activision, with more autonomous agency to do wild stuff like locking classic servers and putting up another 3 per region upon WotLK release, or letting us populate Eranikus without an automated system telling us that we can’t kek

Just a heads up, it looks like the transfer system is flagging these players that are trying to transfer as traditional paid transfers. I am getting both of these errors doing Grobb to Eranikus:

  1. The selected realm is not accepting character transfers at this time.
  2. This character’s gold exceeds the maximum they can transfer at their level (5,000g).

That gold limit is not supposed to exist for free transfers.

Its not true what youre saying. Max peak of Eranikus was 2k of people and faerlina low peek is 2.9k so there is no reason to lock servers.


Now please unlock some servers so people can play with friends. :frowning:


just attempted to transfer my rogue from Grobb to Eranikus and it was not denied, I think it’s working now!

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Worked on my end as well

I can confirm that with a recent hotfix, we believe we’ve fixed the issue.


Thanks! Appreciate the communication!

Any idea how long transfers will stay up?

I’d like boost my character currently on Eranikus but can’t, so if this restriction for Eranikus doesn’t get fixed my only choice is to boost an ALT and move it to Eranikus, which is not ideal considering it’s not the character I want to use the boost on and there’s the chance transfers can close anytime without warning.

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Thank you Kaivax ! Are there any plans of opening Eranikus in the future ?


Can confirm, transferring from Benediction to Eranikus worked when using the free transfer from the shop. I got my last character transferred! Thank you for keeping us up to date.

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Thank you

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Just transferred from Grob to Eranikus, we are good to go! Ty for the fix !


Got all my toons to Eranikus, Thanks for the expeditious fix!


Looking good, seems like the hotfix worked! Thanks for keeping us updated

Is there a reason we can’t transfer to a server that we already have characters on? Why would that be locked if I already can play on it? I’m referring to Sulfuras.

Or need hug?

can we fix sulfuras now too

Get those refunds within 14 days folks

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