Entry level pvp gear

ilvl 158 is just ridiculous. It should start out at AT LEAST 170ISH AND GET BETTER


185 minimum.


They figured nobody would notice how bad it is.


i feel like as the expansion goes on the starting ilvl should be adjusted to keep pace


Back in the day it used to be “working as intended”… I miss those days.

Anyways this is Working as Intended.

My alt was at 160 and was met by a 220 every time she rezzed. I’m sure that person /flexed each time… :roll_eyes:

Indeed that level is just too low, agreed.


I mean we are in an active season. I don’t see why they would keep pace at this time. Just grind it out, you can max out 197 pretty fast.

Once you do you can change your posts from entry level pvp gear is too low, to max honor gear is too low. :slight_smile: There will always be a complaint.

No ya cant. Not with rebown being tied to upgrading.


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Lol what? You can grind renown super fast by winning random BGs… Went from like renown 8 and now 32 single day of grinding out randoms and doing the ToK brawl.

That would be you. :slight_smile: Keep crying about gear.

Once again clueless. I won.
Move along.

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How long does this take? Weeks? Days? Day? Hours?
Full renown.

Lol I mean all your arguments are pretty much the same. No facts, just someone crying about not understanding how the system works.

Still winning. Move on.

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I don’t see how… Low experience player.

Winning as usual. Move on.

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Hours it is.

If you call crying on the forums winning. You are winning the forum baby award.

Yup still winning like a pro. Off to play the game now. I won.

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Gaining renown other than the mission is 100%RNG

72 Hours from PVP specifically as quoted from our recent forum Guide/Testing results. And be sure to thank the player in this thread.

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