Enough with the 2H Tanking!


As a warlock I usually wait for sunders before I start dotting (currently lvl41, so that instance range). But any time their is 3 or more mobs, the tank can’t hold aggro worry a damn. Doesn’t matter if I wait on sunders, most tanks in my level range, even full prot warriors just can’t hold aggro against multiple targets, that are taking damage.
I could not dps, targets, but as an affliction lock, that’s the majority of my damage, dotting up targets then focusing them down 1 at a time keeping dots up on everything.
It’s not the DPS’s fault, warriors just are better single target tanks, and fall behind in multi target tanking 1-59


I just dot then stand there :frowning:


And you know what we did with 2h tanks back in vanilla? We told them to learn to play their class properly, laughed at them, and then kicked them from the group. Using a shield is vital to tanking in classic. You lose way too much armor without one and many abilities and talents become worthless when you un-equip it. Only idiots try tanking with a 2h because they think they’re better than they actually are.


You should let the mage’s die honestly as content get’s harder they will wipe groups with that, i wait a good 6 secs before i start to aoe.


Im confused. So you know you’ll peel, but you won’t throttle your DPS. You know you’ll peel even while the warrior is running a 2h, but instead you want the warrior to throw on a 1h? To do what? Generate even less threat? Do less damage as they chase the mobs chasing you? Why?


Well in terms of dungeons, it doesn’t really get much harder. Obviously raids are a different story.


shield slam does more threat, and i do throttle it.


Shield Slam does more threat, but speccing prot for dungeons make you do less threat overall.


When you’re in ubrs or doing dm you will need a shield and those mages will need to wait for some threat.


Watched plenty of videos of tanks DWing or using a 2H in ubrs, normally switch for bosses though. Also not prot.
UBRS is also 10 man, so as I said, raids are a different story.


I remember fondly seeing a warrior get 2 shotted by the last boss in DM north i doubt it.


What do you doubt? Just go look…


I would argue that the job of a warrior is not to dps, but to hit there, hold aggro, and take the hits.
I understand that warriors need rage to be effective and they do generate more with a two-hand, but the added damage taken means less Mana for the healer.
Better to just let the tank get beat on for the first 10 seconds before everyone else rushes in to dps.
Let the clothies drink, let the warrior charge.

But in all seriousness, if you as a warrior player, are having trouble with rage generation, then you either need to Respec, re-gear, or buy/craft a stack of rage potions. PvP rewards arnt live, and at least on Gromcrush a rage potion goes for 2silver.
Casters/healers buy Mana pots to stay up in prolonged fights, warriors should be doing the same


exactly, but they don’t they wanna speed clear it with ravager.


You should go try leveling a tank warrior in dungeons.


Priests are leveling as shadow so that they can actually kill stuff when questing. They aren’t set up for healing, they are set up for leveling, so when in any early instances, the tank really should so what he can do to garner threat using what rage he can get and make sure he has good damage mitigation. DPS needs to wait until the tank has good aggo, and then healing isn’t an issue.


Tanks can level as 2H because most are and it’s more efficient. Same with Priests leveling as Shadow.

I’ve tanked as 2H and healed as Shadow just fine for low level dungeons. And many others have and can. I’m sure the devs knew most people were going to level with those specs, so if you HAD to level as Prot or Holy, you’d rarely find people doing dungeons.


It’s absolutely more efficient until someone dies. Then you can either acknowledge that the faster strategy comes with more risk, or you can just write that whole thing off to the healer being bad.


Not saying don’t level as fury or shadow, i’m saying tank with a shield in prot stance, and don’t heal in shadow form.


Clowns that haven’t ever tanked a day in their life vastly overestimating how much difference a shield really makes until about level 40…and they wanna tell others how to play.