Enough with the 2H Tanking!


I would think it common knowledge by the majority of the fanbase that Tanks traditionally carry shields. The reason for this being that it increases damage mitigation.

The popular argument is that Tanks don’t “need” shields to effectively tank lower level (15-45) dungeons. This has to be players who’ve never been on the healer side of the field.

Simple math: Damage = Healer mana cost, hence, less damage = more mana available to the Healer for when it’s really needed.

Just use a shield, guys. You may think that just because you reach the end of the dungeon that everything’s great, but it can really leave a bad taste in everyone’s mouth when the dungeon run has to stop every other pull for a Healer to drink.

Just use the damn shield.

Leveling a warrior
There are no tanks!

Any tank minus a druid doesn’t use a shield should delete their account. No questions asked. Kick a tank that doesn’t have a shield. There are no DK’s here.


This is a really stupid fad, and I hope it passes soon.

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Confused players who mained DK


it depends on if everyone over-levels the place or not too be honest, if the group has more than one healer hybrid type like say 1 mage 1 druid 1 shaman 1 warrior 1 rogue then you don’t really “need” a tank.


Better idea: disregard people getting uppity because your playstyle doesn’t jive with their idea of your class’s role.

It’s not a fad. 2h warrior tanks were common in actual Vanilla, all throughout. It will continue to be a thing. Reroll a warrior and tank with a shield if it bothers you.


It’s not about needing a Tank. It’s about when you do need a Tank, he has the sense to use a shield.


Have you healed before? I did. Have you healed a tank without a shield? I did. There is a huge difference. You put too much pressure on the healer without the mitigation.

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Common to piss the healer off.


That implies either a bad warrior or a bad healer.


Welcome to classic, you dont need a shield to be a tank early on. Period. Hell ive had an arms warrior tank all the way up to emperor in brd without a shield. Serious content, or hard hitting packs, yes. But anything before at least brd? Not, you dont need a shield. Spoken FROM the healers perspective healing an arms warrior to 60


If they didn’t want to be a Tank, then they shouldn’t come into a dungeon in the Tank role expecting the Healer to have to carry his extra weight because he doesn’t understand the mechanics of his role/class.


It’s funny to see this discussion by almost exclusively Retail accounts…


Find competent healers.


I’m all for using a shield BUT I tanked a lot of dungeons from 10-40 and it is an uphill struggle to get any rage when you’re wearing a shield because you don’t take enough damage and no rage means no threat and no threat means you’re healing the shaman or hunter or warlock who now has threat and they don’t have a shield so you’re spending mana just the same.

With a 2h I get hit properly, I get rage, I spend it for threat, the mobs keep hitting me and you don’t have to heal the DPS.

I will put on a shield in certain situations but not always.

Part of playing a warrior is managing your weapons and stances such that you have sufficient rage and mitigate damage appropriately.

I would also suggest that at least part of your healing problem is yolo DPS that don’t give tanks half a chance at securing threat before blowing their complete load on earthshocks, blizzards and whatever else they want and to hell with the tank.


What difference would it make what character I’m using on the forums? Post something useful to the discussion or sit down while the adults talk.


I believe you are misled on what a Tank actually is. Hopefully this will clear things up for you.


I have tanked SM cathedral a few times with ravager in groups with good aoe, my healer friend had no complaints and did not go oom more than a couple times throughout the run.

It does depend on how quickly things are being killed, killing things faster means less healing needed. DPS can aoe more if the tank is whirlwinding like there is no tomorrow.

I do sword and board tank when the group is mostly single target though.

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Why not just find competent shield tanks instead :V


Sounds like they just had a bad healer for that run