Enough with the 2H Tanking!


I wouldn’t say “Common in Vanilla”, I never saw any Warrior tank without a shield in Vanilla. Not saying it wasn’t done, just stating it was not common.


That’s impressive unless you mean that’s when you stop. The way the packs in that dungeon pile on it can get sketchy really quickly.


Its a data text field. Just select what you want and where you want it


I mean I am tired of undergeared and under leveled tanks who get mad when they die tanking ZF or Uldaman when they’re 5 or 7 levels below. Wear a shield if you can’t mitigate the damage, speak with your healers, discuss if the group is capable of doing away with more mitigation for more dps.


Yeah, its much easier to get threat going with SS and WW when all we have are mages, locks, and rogues going full out immediately.


I think there are times when a 2h is fine, but others when you definitely need a shield. I mean, how much threat can a dead tank generate?


If you claim to have the playstyle of a tank then play it, 2h tanks are garbage and can’t hold threat worth a damn, then they go dying for some reason when I’m mage tanking because he can’t hold threat.


There’s literally no way a 1H tank will produce more threat. 2H provides more rage, and more rage means more threat. That is, until you’re able to add in heroic strikes on least every other AA.


I thought 2h tanking was a meme until I tried it yesterday and I’m converted. Rage generation is so much better and honestly 1.12 is so nerfed compared to actual vanilla you still don’t have much to complain about.


Yeah they do sheild slam makes more threat noob, a 2h doing ms isn’t going to hold threat from frost bolt crits sorry. Warrior doesn’t do enough dps to hold threat from a mage 2h tanking.


Tell me about it…and what I hate the most about these confident 2 hand tanks is that most of them are the same if not lower level than the mobs they are trying to tank. Then you have the ones that want to round up 5 + mobs not realizing their hp gets chopped by 1/3 every 2 seconds AND we have other people that need healing as well.


There’s literally a reason why raid tanks go fury to get more threat. And yes, I absolutely will hold threat on a frost mage ST. Try me!


They went 2h beacue they were off tanks bro, some times they needed dps lmao. Lol no you wont, one arcane explosion and the whole mob will chase me until they die, your dps is trash. Use the damn shield.


I had to—as an Enhance Shaman—tank an entire WC run the other day. Our Warrior had a family emergency to deal with, so I was more than happy to take over. We had two mages(one level 16, the other 20) and a Priest to heal. Sadly, I did not have a shield in my possession, only a stave, while being level 18 myself. The run went VERY smoothly, with all of the leather drops going to me! 2h tanking is not ideal or optimized, but it is viable. With smart Polymorphs, LOS pulls, and Rockbiter weapon, we cleared the dungeon(including Mutanous)without a single wipe and only a death or two overall.
After that I did a second run with a Bear tank that was only level 16, so I basically ended up tanking again: no shield, no problem. Shout out to those groups, those were fun runs. I love Shaman tanking!


You said spamming Frost Bolt, which one is it? Also, no, go ahead and check out some of the top guilds doing MC. They are literally DWing and fury because Prot cannot keep up with the dps.


Honestly both, 800+ fb crits at 42 you can’t hold threat from. You gotta be able to handle the mobs and 2h doesn’t. Too many of my runs ended up me tanking because of a 2h noob.


I had no issue holding threat from a lvl 60 mage in almost full BiS.
2H has much better cleave, which is better for handling multiple monsters. I’m sorry you’ve had a run in with bad tanks, we all do.
Also! Going prot before 60 is a complete meme, it’s so bad.

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2H tanking is better than sword and board until like the 40-50s.


Which brings us back full circle that will never be broken until people learn there is no “optimal” way that covers every group make up and instance pull.

Tank: Fine I’ll 2 hand and AOE because the DPS won’t do anything but cleave/ aoe.>>>
Healer: MITIGATE!!!>>>
DPS: Single group pulls are too slow!! The streams say it must be this way! >>>
Tank: I cant keep aggro and mitigate>>
Healer OOM!>>
which takes us back to:


Obviously I cannot speak for all healers, but so far I haven’t had any complaints. I have had quite a few come back for more runs though.
Edit: I do not mind at all when DPS goes nuts immediately, in fact I expect the mage to do so, and plan around that.