Enough with the 2H Tanking!


Your physical damage mitigation is only accurate against enemies of your level. It scales down when facing enemies higher than you.

Also I agree you should pool your rage at the end of pulls, it helps with threat generation on the next pull, but when your healer has to sit and drink…you lose that rage. It’s just an endless cycle.


Sure… but on lower level dungeons, this shouldn’t be like every pull if the mobs are focused on you. They aren’t that hard.

Higher level dungeons are posing a bit of a challenge in that they’re more button pressy to make sure you get everything, so you don’t have as much rage towards the end. But I think I have a solution for spamming the rage bar at the end… and in combination with Anger Management should allow to take some into the next.


Lol. Where do these armchair generals come from?

All classes that can tank have the majority of their damage mitigation locked at level 40 (plate and dire bear form).

All melee suffer with hit and resist issues (except human Paladins specced into protection, which is a whole different discussion) leading to times where threat is lost from RNG and nothing to do with dps.

All classes are specced dps unless you are leveling a very specific way (such as in a group or pure instance leveling).

When leveling, your gear likely stretches across 10 levels of various upgrades and random drops meaning your armor and health are not ideal.

When this is the situation, when playing defensively isn’t ideal, then the idea is the best form of mitigation is kill as fast as possible to minimize damage taken.

That’s why spell cleave and melee cleave are a thing.


I’ve actually been running with a warrior friend I made and we’ve both agreed that even when he uses a 2h and tanks that all the extra damage he’s taking (even if it’s only 10% as some claims, 10% VS 5 mobs hitting = 50% extra per round of hits) and requires more down time for me, as the damage seems to rely heavily on everyone else doing a lot as well.

I’m glad others have found ways around SnB and I hope people stick to what they enjoy either way, but hopefully don’t get irritated if someone actually needs some more mana.


I heal 2h tanks and DW tanks just fine. From start to BRD and im still doing it. Maybe you are just bad at healing?

We hit server instance cap all day. 5 instance resets per hour.


Possibly, or like I said in my previous statement, it relies heavily on your group. I’ve had groups where each trash pack in Mara has taken up to 60-70 seconds, and others where the trash packs take around 30 seconds.

Group comp really makes a difference in healers down time.


Shaman melee cleave and its a breeze.


I don’t think you realize that people are doing “cleave” groups right now where a shield just slows you down.

To be honest, healing isn’t hard in 15-45s anyway. If you’re going OOM it’s because you’re not down ranking well enough. Check your overhealing meters and that’ll most likely be your problem.

  • Enh shaman who has healed all of SM while still dpsing.


I had a near perfect Ulda run last night.
The tank used a 2h until the final section.
The healer with an enhancement shaman tossing out chain lightening.
The highest levels were me and the tank at 44
The lowest was the shaman at 42


We’re not asking tanks to be fully decked out in tank gear and specd prot. We just want them to at least but a dan shield on. People saying, 2H tanking happened in vanilla like it was a common thing lol. Sure it might have happened, but remember how bad were all were at the game back then. Come on guys. Common sense… stop defending stupid. Its bad enough it can’t be fixed.


Easier to build rage and hold aggro with 2hander. Especcially with multiple enemies and when healer pops shield on me and dps starts nuking before i even have a chance to put down 1 sunder.


Actually, the biggest modern theorycrafting community for warriors is in total agreement that 2H arms tanking is the way to go until raids.


I’ve healed multiple dungeons where I didn’t even notice he was 2 hand tanking until late into the run. It’s a non issue really.


The op is talking about QOL not possibilities.

If you don’t use a shield you open yourself up to crushing blows the lower you are beneath the mobs or boss.


Uhm, what? That’s not how this works.


So many people in this thread have no idea how threat and rage generation are tied together.

There are a lot of examples of warriors that should be using a 1h and shield but there are just as many examples when a warrior is rage starved and moving to a 2h is perfectly acceptable.

The key is communication between healer and tank. If you’re not communicating then you’ll probably have a bad time.


I’ve never noticed the tank getting hit hard on the last boss in Cath. It’s the pulling 2 wizards and 3 monks that can wipe a group if the DPS doesn’t know how to focus the wizards.


Or you know, just give us dual spec. Not everyone wants to solo and stick with prot tanking forever.


I will start running sword and shield when dps learn to attack same target and wait for me to get a couple sunders off before nuking…


all post from retail character have any credibility here

post with your classic character , thank you