Enjoy the decline of PvP

If you’re like me and you are constantly baffled, bamboozled and confused by busted and disgustingly broken overpowered specs never getting nerfed (ret, arms, fire mage)…

If you see how bad the gearing is in wow and how it punishes casual players for no reason (how the game forces you to suffer in rated content making you hate the game even more because you get deleted immediately by duelists)…

If you feel like blizzards incompetence is unending and everlasting and know that they are incapable of making a good pvp expansion anymore…

Enjoy the decline. It’s a mindset I’ve come to embrace in my life when things are out of my control. Be it people getting famous on tiktok for doing pointless dances. Be it chart topping music that is cringe inducing. Be it world of warcraft pvp. Just accept that it’s out of your control and enjoy the decline in quality.

Relish the fact that the game is terrible. Embrace the fact that the systems in place in this game are so transparently awful and nobody enjoys them. Be happy blizzard ignores any and all constructive criticism. Its not in your control and therefore shouldn’t be your concern. Just laugh, roast, and meme on this incompetent company.

When I login to my alts I expect to be deleted in seconds by rivals in my battlegrounds. I treat it as a mini game. How long will I survive against this ret paladin with 40k health who is sprinting at me with wings up? 2 seconds? Try and break your record and survive 3 seconds. Try and find fun in the pitiful state of this game.

And of course if you have a geared character like my rogue, abuse this in battlegrounds and stomp new players with 29k health. Laugh at how they try and survive.

Enjoy the decline.


I’ll continue to enjoy the game, thanks. :slight_smile:


or just unsub and play something else like i just did. im leveling my warrior until the time runs out and then doing nothing till they add solo queue or something real juicy to make pvp fun


I have 2 days left. I’m going to try and go as long as I can without resubbing back.


make sure to gear up a level 20 toon before your sub runs out. no ratings at level 20 btw.

It is sickening to hear a rogue complain about arms warrior, fire mage and ret paladins especially the latter 2. Only weaker classes have the right to complain.


I mean it’s Zombie on another alt making yet another thread to complain in. What do you expect. :woman_shrugging:

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To be fair, the 3 of them are very problematic. Rogues are more annoying than anything. If sap was reworked in a way that made it risky to use for the rogue, it would maybe make them less annoying?

Their damage is not that crazy. It’s rather similar to what you see with convoke druids and ret paladins.

Maybe paladins should go back to not being able to do much damage at all when they’re in bubble. Perhaps this change would make them so bad that people could like them again.


Boomkin didn’t make the list, huh? I guess opinions may vary.

I think you are looking at it all wrong…

These are challenges to be over come, not limitation. At low levels (and not in a premade) if you are a rogue and you are seen. You are doing it wrong. A rogue is not a combatant. Your job in a BG is to tap unguarded nodes. Slow and frustrate flag carriers and their pocket healers (so you team can catch up or give them more time to react). Report enemy positions and numbers to your team. Stun healers (preferably at critical moments resulting in the death of those they are trying to save, or wasting their CDs), stun mages to limit their overpowered cheese, and GTFO. Only do DPS to pull off a finishing move to steal the kill from another player.

Rogues are not glory seeking melee/frontline fighters. Don’t get into a fight, and if you do use ever CD to get out and get away. Work from the shadows.

If you are seen, you are doing it wrong. Play to your class strengths, not its limitations. Just my thoughts <3


I only sub to this game to roast it on the forums and relentlessly criticise blizzard’s total incompetence


I remember when WoD came out and PVP was said to be dead, then legion templates were said to have killed PVP, then BFA scaling and later corruption was said to have killed pvp, but then SL comes out and participation is higher than those expansions. I’m very confused, why do we do this every expansion.


pvp is sh&t now. im a healer and i get reported afk after i say the truth in the chat. and i get throw out and get the deserter debuf wow. get you ficking things straight dammit


I’m only one person and can only speak for myself, but assuming there are no other changes, this is likely the coup de grace for me.

So far the takeaways that bother me the most:

No ilvl changes, which have been the focal point of player grievances since launch.

No changes to gearing catch-up mechanics (conquest/honor). I leveled 2 characters to 220+ ilvl, maxxed renown (twice on one character after my covenant choice turned out to be worthless) and had no motivation to do it a third time.

Their willingness to overhaul covenants and legendaries without addressing the time/effort involved in invalidating those player choices.

The class balance changes feel weird. I try not to concern myself with balance changes at the beginning of patch notes, but there are some strange changes with no real explainations.

But at least we have 40 more renown levels to grind.


A catch up bonus buff would be awesome like MoP. Caught up on main, great! 2nd alt 50% bonus to catch up mechanics; now caught up 2nd alt. 3rd alt receives 100% bonus catch up bonus…so on and so forth.

I’ve got my hands on the table but I have refrained from flipping it in the hopes that more changes might be coming. But if this is all we are going to get I’ll be right behind you on the way out the door.

I feel that, especially now that gold is tied into it. I don’t really do much in the game besides log on and run BGs or whatever, so my gold earning is pretty low. At 7 lvl60’s I’ve spent hundreds of thousands of gold on leggos, not to mention the time farming some of the patterns, and then the time spent in Torghast (which I hate doing) to get the mats. So I can see where people would be annoyed with Blizzard going ‘Oh NM guys, this leggo sucks now.’


Tried that. Hard pass. There’s 117 million other games out there that are all supported by developers who care about the experience. Why keep suffering just to suffer?

No point in playing if there’s no interest in improving the game.


The gold and torghast runs aren’t really what bothers me about it. It takes ~5 weeks to get a max legendary. You can’t get that time back.


It should just be a blanket buff. If you aren’t current on conquest, valor, honor, soul ash etc players should acquire at a faster rate.