Engineer’s Workshop: Designing the WoW Companion App

Engineer’s Workshop: Designing the WoW Companion App

In our latest Engineer’s Workshop, we take a closer look at the development of the WoW Companion App and adding support for multiple expansions.

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Nice. Now how about that pre-patch.


No WoD garrison support?


Did it have WoD supprt originally? I can’t remember. Either way it would be nice to have it added also.


Hey Blizz, I used to like the companion app until I started using it on multiple licenses,

Is it possible to make the app Character swapping by license (wow1, wow2), instead of having all our toons jammed up together by bnet account.

And on top of that, being able to select “favorite” characters would be helpful.

I feel like character management is the main reason I stopped using the app for missions.

But its great to have access to older expansions!


My brain hurts trying to understand this. Explain this to me like I am simple mind.



I really enjoy these glances behind the scenes, the transparency is refreshing.


Currently if you want to do anything with your missions in earlier expansions, you have to visit your mission table directly. The plan here is to make missions in Shadowlands, BfA, and Legion available on a phone app.

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still trying to figure out why we still have this and not a mobile AH missoin table becomes more useless each xpac ( was great in WOD) from what ive seen on beta it pointless to even do the mission table in SL at all in or out of game

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There’s a WoW app, you can continue ignoring that it exists.


This is fantastic news. I never expected this to happen at all. Thank you Blizzard!

Not entirely sure what you’re referring to since when you have Multiple Sub-Accounts on One Main Bnet Account, when logging in it asks you to select Wow1, Wow2, Wow3, etc. At least, I know that’s how it is for me.

On to the topic of the Article: While it’s really nice to see support for multiple expansions, the reasoning behind it doesn’t really hold up for choosing to support Legion, BfA and Shadowlands but leaving out WoD.

Correct me if I’m wrong but WoD IS available as an expansion to level through with the new leveling system, correct?

As stated in the Article:

“We also knew that with the arrival of Shadowlands, players would have the option to level their alts through Legion via Timewalking Campaigns, and we wanted to make sure those players would have full mobile support for their level-up experience.”

I’d also like to ask about the possibility of the Mobile Auction House making a return at a later date…Can we expect to see something about it anytime or would it be more feasable to just forget the thought entirely?


Any chance to add Remote Auction House to the App?

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IIRC the original mobile auction house got axed due to abuse — specifically, botters running the app in Android emulators.

thank you this is wonderful! it will be very useful :slight_smile:

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That’s neat. Now how about real player housing?

Fone app do mission table

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That’s neat. Now how about removing the scaling in PvP.


You remember but for those who don’t, step back in time to 2013. Yes, back to 2013 during MoP. Even I didn’t remember the specific dates. But I remember that was worried about being hacked so I didn’t even use the app. lol

The impression I got from reading the forums when they removed it in Legion was low use except among a small number of players so it wasn’t worth upgrading or maintaining the code.