Energy regeneration very bugged

How often is all the time? You should make a 30 minute long video so we can see how often it happens. Now that the 21 energy tick is proven normal, are you going to keep moving the goalposts like you’ve been doing for weeks? Every day, a new Harmondale “this is bugged” thread appears with no evidence whatsoever.

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why you make 2 threads, same exact wording to the letter, for same thing?

fwiw druid energy works same way

yeah you can see atleast 3 timesi n the video him get 21 energy instead of 20.

I made this video in about ten seconds.

Posted the video evidence.

Awaiting your rebuttal.

Show me a vanilla video where that happens and I’ll Venmo you $50. For real.

That goes for anybody that can do that.

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well, it explains the resolution.

Looks about like my druid in feral cat

I’m waiting.

You already owe me $60 from the last time I proved you wrong.

When is this?


which one?

Did you post on your classic character? I didn’t see a post on your classic character


Okay, here you go.

I can tell you why you gained 40 energy in a single tick right there. You were about to gain a tick while you were at full energy and the 20 energy tick got batched into the next tick.

Yeah you post on your character…months later LOL

You are the biggest joke on the forums

What does it matter? At the time I had this character at level 60 anyways.

Actually he posted back then, and you ignored him

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So you totally ignored me and provide NO evidence in the entire video of 20 energy being “batched” in vanilla. Energy wasn’t batched back then lol.

Want me to make you a compilation video, one showing the bug happening again and again and again? It happens every time if you time it right. EASY reproducible bug.

LoL :slight_smile:

I already disproved your 21 energy tick is a bug theory. I guess the biggest joke on the forum to you is facts.

Yeah, when you time it perfectly into a batch.


Alright, Mr. Blizzard-has-an-infaliable reference client and can never make a bug,

Explain away this ROGUE bug:

Oh, it’s just their “referrence client” behaving as intended, right? Also, I made a compilation video just for you showing just how common this energy regeneration bug is. (Spoiler: it happens every time except 1).