You’re going to seriously release phase 2 with issues like these?

This is authentic, sorry your Nostalrius experience wasn’t replicated. This isn’t “cheaply” coded, Blizzard spent a ton of time improving upon batching for WoD for a reason. 400ms batching is stupid, but it’s authentic.

Deal with it or quit.


He’s a retail troll that spends his entire days on the forum looking for people to troll, better to just ignore him. Edit: He thinks I got a forum ban because I stopped responding to his bait in other threads lulz. So not only does he troll, he trolls to get responses and reports them.

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Back from your vacation, good to see you again, level 17 hunter.

Mobs NEVER attacked you when they went from gouged to dead through backstab. It is an instantaneous death. In vanilla they went from being incapacitated to being dead.

This game however frees them before they die, so they have a window of opportunity to respond.

Imagine I have a paladin gouged. I go in for a backstab to finish him off, but while I backstab he stuns me for 6 seconds.

That did not happen in vanilla. Being CC’d turned off your ability to attack and/or cast spells.

when is phase 2 being released?

Galdor, post on your level 60 classic character and I’ll Venmo you $60. You obviously don’t even play the game.

Oh, the toxicity. These are features, not bugs. <3

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Broken batching is the cause of almost every ability-related bug-report, lol. It’s ridiculous they can’t tell us what’s going on with it.

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this is not how vanilla worked, attacking and being attacked by dead mobs was not common place, and blizzard has already admitted that some of the bugs exist do to the fact that classic’s coding is not like vanillas.

I feel like you already challenged me to this and I don’t remember receiving $60.

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That is due to the nature of sap and gouge being broken by damage. The break happens from the gouge damage, the ai takes an action and it is batched with the reapplication of the gouge CC. That one, probably shouldn’t happen. The question is, can you replicate that in a pvp scenario. If you can’t, then to me it’s low priority to fix. There are a LOT of wonky things related to AI behavior that are caused by porting classics data to the newer engine rather than using the vanilla engine.

And can it be replicated with the hard stuns that don’t break on damage, like CS/KS.

Was like this in vanilla #nochanges. If you dont like it, go back to private servers.

I will test in a PvP scenario today and get back to you.

Mobs hitting me as i cheap shot them is kind of annoying.

Vanilla WoW patch 1.10:


  • Creatures will no longer get one hit on a rogue before cheap shot takes affect.

Too bad this bug exists in classic now. It was fixed in Patch 1.10

Classic is supposedly 1.12, so this should not be happening.

Just don’t participate until the issues you have are resolved.

You’re not even a very good troll, man.

Spell batching is not a bug, but something Blizzard implemented deliberately and announced up front.

So yes, they’re going to release phase 2 and phase 6 with “issues” like the one you’re complaining about.

Back to retail if you don’t like spell batching

Back to anywhere else if you’re so blind to this issue. Why are so many of you thread-crappers so intent on pretending the game is a perfect port?

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