Energy regeneration very bugged

Posting here in the general forum since the bug report forum gets no attention from blizzard.

Rogue energy regeneration is very bugged.

When my rogue energy ticks, the energy
gained is supposed to be in increments of 20. This is how it behaved in vanilla.

However, oftentimes I will receive 21 energy regeneration versus 20. Also, if I use my opener ability right before an energy regeneration “tick”, my energy regeneration will almost always skip that tick and I won’t gain any energy; thereafter, the next “tick” will be 40 energy.

This bug is super annoying as an ambush rogue, because my combo is a quick ambush into a backstab (timing the 20 extra energy tick right). Instead, I ambush, sit there like an idiot for several seconds until I regain 40, or 41 energy. In PvP this allows a mage to say blink away, or a priest to fear, before I’m able to get a backstab off and is very annoying.

Energy regeneration should be 20, every time, no exceptions.

The current system is very bugged and NOT how it was in vanilla.


Is your forum strategy to keep claiming that every single thing you don’t like wasn’t this way in Vanilla, with the hope that eventually you’ll be right about something?

You’re probably getting confused by your Shadowcraft set bonus.



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Also, Galdor:

No, I don’t have shadowcraft bonus.

No, I’m not “confused” or complaining about something - I’m reporting a bug about my class that incidentally hurts my class. Rogue energy never regenerated +21. Retail doesn’t have rogue ticks at all so I imagine the issue stems with the port over.

If anything, the part of the bug where I am gaining an extra energy every other tick buffs my class quite a bit.


But the shadowcraft set is still there did they change it? What do you mean by no more rogue ticks in retail?

Energy was on a ticking system in vanilla. You would gain no energy for two seconds, then gain 20 energy. Every two seconds you would gain 20 energy. So, it is a sizable lump of energy gained every couple seconds.

In either BC or Wrath (can’t remember exactly which expansion), it was changed to a constantly refilling system.

Instead of gaining 20 energy every two seconds, you would gain 1 energy every 100 milliseconds or something like that. It equals the same energy regen, but it is more steady and consistent.


Don’t have shadowcraft set bonus anymore*

Happy now?

Want me to record a video for YouTube for you?

Oh, so you used it for weeks and dropped it today?

Dropped it last night.

Experienced the bug before I was using shadowcraft.

Experienced the bug during use of shadow craft.

Experiencing the bug now when I am not using shadowcraft.

Has it gotten through your head yet? It’s not just me. There are numerous threads about this bug.


The shadowcraft and stormshroud set bonuses are 35 and 30 energy chance on melee attack. They’re not easy to confuse vs the standard energy refresh that if you even play a rogue as an alt become very in tune with.

Yep, as a fellow ambush rogue the 40 energy tick really leaves you open to CC before landing the next BS…

I’m trying my hardest to not bring up how bugged vanish is… Dangit!

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Been experiencing the bug since garrote. The Hell is the matter with you

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From my perspective Rogue “vanish” buff does not even take place until roughly an entire global later.

Additionally when a rogue uses vanish vs me it’s not consistent in canceling my target of the rogue.

As a result vanish is easy to cancel from outside because I simply wait a moment and then fire another shot.


Here you go buddies.

Here’s a Blue response on pet focus:

This is about my observation as well. There’s certainly an issue with batching and how vanish is prioritized.

Arcane shot can somewhat reliably knock me out of stealth if timed properly it seems.

So focus = energy, got it genius.

PvP happened on a PvP server? Oh sorry buddy.
I guess you have to reroll.

The system is the same, how about you watch that video and slow it down really slow so you can see the 21 point energy tick.

Stop arguing because you don’t like Classic and can’t accept these things aren’t bugs.

I don’t see anywhere in the video where he skips a +20 energy tick and I instead gets a +40 energy tick, do you? Because this happens all the time in Classic.

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