Enable PvE to PvP Server Transfer

Pointing out inaccuracies doesn’t mean anyone is trolling you.

Wasn’t intending to hurt your feelings, i answered your question.

NA education system but saying it was disabled prior made it seemed like it was enabled at some point…but then it would have to be disabled at some point before that… then my brain looped and crashed. have a ncie day tho, ur prolly a nice guy

Bump for this change!! #MakeBlizzardGreatAgain

Yes please. :+1:

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I have 5 toons lvl 60-70 on PvP servers in TBC and I’ve been killed by other players a total of five times.

Bumping this topic again.


Theyre discussing it internally and will have more to share “soon.” Keep up the fight and share positive criticism/feedback. We wil lwin this!!

Fingers crossed… Hopefully “Soon” means before prepatch.

It would be blizzlike before pre patch. It needs t obe decided sooner rather than later, the original restrictions prevented realm first achievements for 90 days after xfering (might be 60 would have to double check). Gives people time to plan as well

No way of telling really. They said they would have more to announce on faction balance “Soon” like 4 months ago and we still haven’t heard anything, so who knows.

Indeed, I’ve levelled toons on Benediction and got tanked ONCE. The old “PvP realms earned their stripes” motto went out the window long ago with the faction imbalances. And with incoming 70 boosts even MORE so. Any “new” player can have an instant 70 on any pvp server, and an instant 55 DK…

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I 100% agree with this comment. PVP servers have an imbalance, and PVE servers are unpopulated. I would so stoked if they enabled the PVE → PVP server transfer for at least pre-patch for guild server transfers.

Remulos was doing good week 1 for horde.

I was there as a blood elf day 1. a legion of blood elf paladins to behold. Lady Liadrin if there would have been proud to see that. I was a hunter making jokes like so…I think we need more paladins up in here. 100 is not enough.

Felt bad for some mobs. Like old boy at the top the tower. We were lined up like at a theme park ride.

Okay you lot, form up a group, drop him… Good, MOVE!

Next group up…lets go lets go, he’s about to respawn.

I too could benefit from them adding this feature. I started playing last year on Pagle, and have 2 characters I’m pretty invested in. However, coming back this year me and my friends wanted to go Benediction since that is where all the action is. Now I’m stuck separated on 2 different servers with 3 characters I am invested in.


exactly all im trying to do is just cetralize all my toons

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Please blizz, let me transfer!!! Remove the restriction! I rolled on Ashkandi cause a few of my retail friends played with me for fun a while back but now that retail is going through a year-long-lull I’m playing classic again, alone now, to occupy myself and Ashkandi is a MEDIUM POP server doing ZERO RAIDS in LFG. LFG chat is people chatting like it’s trade chat. I made a quick char on Faerlina to see the difference and it’s ALMOST ALL RAID GROUPS IN LFG!! How is there more PvE going on in a PvP server?! Why can’t I transfer my max level char to this server to do raiding when my current one is radio silence? I can’t play the endgame because I can’t go to where all the people are! I feel like the Little Mermaid, give me my legs! I don’t care for the contract to sign (payment to make), let me go to where all the players are!!

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If you think this is gonna happen before prepatch, I have a bridge to sell you. This is 2022 “sit on our hands” blizzard.

Blizzard please let me out of this dead pve server…

Blizzard, remove the restriction from pve to pvp server xfers. It serves no real justification and limits players from being on a server they desire to be on.

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I transferred from Grobb to Bloodsail to play with a friend, thinking I would be able to go back eventually (because there is no warning on the transfer screen that this is a one way trip). I leveled to 68 on a pvp server and now I’m stranded on a pve realm with none of my guildies basically.

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