Enable PvE to PvP Server Transfer

Cmon blizzard we are begging you let us play with our friends!

They need to enable this asap! Whoever said Grobb is still a PVP server is mistaken. I’ve leveled 4 70s there since Dec and it’s no diff than PvE.

I also agree. I have a ton of friends on benediction. We should be able to make the choice to go to pvp and not feel trapped on pve. Pve servers will eventually get less and less people playing while everyone is on pvp servers

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I’m all on board for this! I have leveled to max on Atiesh (PvE) alliance and horde, max on Grobb horde and max on Faerlina horde - wanted to experience all the different vibes. At this point, there’s no real difference and I just want to put the horde characters together on one server.

In the same boat here, stuck on a pve server when the only servers in OCE with any population are pvp

Yes please! I have gold stuck on a PvE server. Please let us transfer PvE to PvP :frowning:

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My brothers… we won

Great news, all the naysayer trolls can go back to derailing other threads


is there an official date when itll be implemented?

this is good for the game

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