Enable PvE to PvP Server Transfer

Making this thread to encourage Blizzard to enable PvE to PvP server transfers. At this point, there’s really very little reason to not allow them.

  • Many PvP servers are effectively PvE servers at this point with extreme one-sided faction imbalance.

  • PvE to PvP server transfers were enabled during TBC, albeit the last patch. But level 30 mounts were a last patch thing in TBC, and they have been in TBCC since the beginning.

  • The level boost negates any sort of argument about leveling on a PvE server and transfer to a PvP server. Also, since PvP → PvP transfer exist and there are near dead PvP servers, any argument about leveling or farming on a PvP server can be negated.

  • Much like the need for a transfer in the first place, many people are finding their friends on PvP servers while their characters are on a PvE server.


Agreed. Started TBC on a PvE server since that’s where my friends were at launch and now have several characters there. Only a few of them play now but another group of RL friends just started on a PvP server. They have boosted their chars and are already leveling in Outlands but I already used my boost on the PvE server, so I can’t really play with them unless I level up from scratch but it will take me over a month to catch up with the time I have. PvE to PvP xfer would fix this.


I personally don’t care, But I don’t think Blizzard will allow this since every server is pve already.

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The fact that you can’t do this is a joke. The OCE PVE server is totally dead and people have been forced to make new characters just to play the game again. What’s more most PVE players are Alliance which would help with faction balance.


Can we get an answer from Blizzard why this restriction is still in place?
Do you honestly think letting people transfer from PVE to PVP will somehow ruin the games “integrity” beyond what was already done to it?


it just wouldn’t be TBC… y’know? besides, since when does some rando dictate how the game is ran? pffft.

Any chance we could hear an update on this? Whether we can expect this before Wrath pre-patch or will it even come then?


Just do it blizz! Also remove the 90 day cooldown from xfers… or at least make it 30 days or something…


I agree with this. I’d love to have a mage on Bene to hang out with a few homies.


I saw someone else mention they’re on Remulos Horde OCE, which is pretty dead, but since there is no other PvE servers on OCE, they can’t transfer.

Seems like another issue.


Considering blizz is doing effectively nothing to help the dead servers (Xfers TO Netherwind??? Who the heck is going to come here that’s not the solution at all) I seriously doubt they are going to flip the switch to allow you to xfer from PvE to PvP. I also have a PvE char stuck her original server.

I could lvl a new char on a more populated server sure - and leave the guild I’ve been in since classic launch. I “could” also PAY to transfer to another server - I just refuse to pay Blizzard more money at this point. They allowed Incendious to be screwed by unrestricted Xfers, then Netherwind by the same and it became suuuuper alliance heavy and eventually died. I’m sorry to say Grobb is on that list now. They will do NOTHING about faction balance. Just open up free xfers to Bene for a week and let people xfer there if they want a mega server with a possible que. Or literally merge every server below like 5th in population and you’ll have a server 1/8th the size of Bene but at least functional. The later option is worse because some people would be forced to change their name but with open Xfers at least it would be a choice they can make.


No. You get only one and it is a 58 with not so good of gear.


Please make this a thing


Please blizz… as the PVP mega servers get bigger, the PVE servers are struggling to form groups…


100% agree. I would move all 4 of my 70 toons to a server I can actually play on instead of not playing the game altogether it’s a simple fix that only has a benefit for blizzard. The rush of classic is over and people just want to enjoy the game


Just wait till wotlk. Classic was nice keep your worldbuffs huh. Now youre readyfor a “pvp” server

yes I love keeping my tbc world buffs, you’re so right… pepega

I made a paly on a pve server by accident i thought it was pvp but now im lvl 27 and i dont wana throw all that progress away. sigh

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For the love of god please do this.