Ectoplasmic distiller going to stay how it is?

Or you know it was that way in 1.9 and this is 1.12…

You have literally no idea what’re talking about do you.

Naxx wasn’t 1.9.

But that’s fine. I answered you.

It DID work that way in Vanilla and it WAS used in Naxx. That’s what you asked for, isn’t it? Yes. No need to get mad because this wasn’t some Classic bug like you thought.

It worked this way at least until the TBC pre-patch.


A hotfix was applied late last night that made it so the Ectoplasmic Distiller quest item would no longer generate threat. We made this change because in patch 1.12, dropping this item applied a buff to everybody in range of the item, and since buffs generate threat by default, it could be used to trivialize the threat mechanics in many encounters. We don’t believe this was an intended effect and this was a case where the impact was extreme enough to warrant the change.

Another notable reason for the change is that this item is not a quest reward, but item used as part of the mechanics to complete a quest, which is then removed when the quest is complete. We want quest completion to be a rewarding experience, and not feel like a mistake.


Dartol’s Rod of Transformation nerf incoming


You mean, like world buffs being used in raid encounters?

Actiblizzard is a mess. I will not be here for Classic TBC because it will be more of the same mess. Thank you for ruining such a great game.


Where you at on the abusing game mechanics going on?


The game is fine. This change was necessary for a broken item. Trying to compare this to world buffs is apples to oranges, and considering your posting on a retail avatar, maybe stick with retail?


I guess you’ll have to #change all classic quests to their cataclysm versions then since many quests have “fun” items that get removed upon completion.


This wasn’t really a “fun” item, it was a m assive aoe threat gen item.

It also makes no sense it should gen threat as the buff is specific for its quest and nothing that matters in most of the game and that isn’t even applied by the person who used it a it’s coming from the dropped item.

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Okay cool so then why don’t you fix world buffs, which even more trivialize aspects of raiding? And which some of are also one-shot buffs produced by turning in a quest on cooldowns, so some people who didn’t know about it “wasted” their turnins?


World buffs are working as intended this wasn’t.


So some weapons procs not triggering on spell GCD is also “working as intended”? What about Diamond Flask doing 1k HP5S?


So mages exploiting terrain bugs to pull entire instances and AOE them down were definately intended game mechanics in classic. Where is the cut off then for these arbitrary unintended side effects that warrent fixes?


Weird that seems to be a separate issue.

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Probably how easy they are to do and how little the change impacts anything else.

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Yeah because mages being able to farm thousands of gold per day in the 30 inatance lock out affects nothing at all.


Reading complete sentences is cool.


Sorry i’ve reread your sentance a few times but I’m still not really sure what you are trying to imply. Seems like you are implying that the aoe 1 pulls are not having an effect on the game. I would argue the opposite that these farming techniques effect the game in a way larger way than a silly threat mechanic. These farming techniques increase the price of everything and effects everyone. This threat gimmick really only effects raiding. Which is already trivialized by 15 years of knowledge and world buffs.


Read it again, removing threat from a single item is trivial and has no impact on anything. Reodoing maps and pathing mechanics is not and potentially impacts quite a lot.


They did fix world buffs, by making sure all layers get them. Happened last week. Hope that was helpful for you.