Ectoplasmic distiller going to stay how it is?

Diamond Flask Trinket yo. Blizzard willing to make balance changes when the problem doesn’t only benefit a warrior. Blizzard’s warrior’s gcds from hamstring still prevent auto attack procs; the only difference from wingclip is that the ability can proc the effect. Make some more changes already. The devs keep doing things that don’t make much sense.


Considering all of these farms abuse very specific parts of the maps I doubt fixing those spots would impact anything. No need to change mob mechanics.


Still more impactful and more effort involved than changing the threat on a single quest item.

Warriors in my guild all got lok and elementium band on their wish list.

Fix the stupid trinket.




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Thank you masters of the wow universe

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Hey Blizzard, glad to see you’re concerned about unintended use of vanilla mechanics grossly trivializing raid content in WoW Classic.

Perhaps you didn’t notice that people have been gathering a million world buffs before raids that over double raid dps and killing bosses in 20 seconds? While their tanks have 30%+300 more HP and ignore all mitigation because the bosses die before healers could possibly OOM so all mana gameplay is completely trivialized. And if by some chance it isn’t you can just pop another flask as an infinite mana potion.

Since you obviously care about raid content being utterly trivialized, perhaps you could fix those problems too?


what about those who didn’t take Diamond Flask or Ony Neck?
I know a few people who have regrets about completing those quests and can’t go back


By that logic diamond flask should be fixed because some people didn’t pick diamond flask from their warrior quest.


There is no logic.

  1. Blizzard makes rules
  2. Blizzard doesn’t need to be consistent or accurate
  3. There is no 3

That’s it.

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Which is why current Actiblizzard is a joke… and shouldn’t have been trusted with this project. They ruined a fantastic game.

…umm these steps applied 15 years ago as the EULA’s “we can change for any reason or no reason at all” language hasn’t changed.

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Yes. Except back then they knew what they were doing. Today… well… look at retail.

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Looks like a popular MMO to me that’s still pulling subscriptions and getting another expansion…

Popular doesn’t make it good, sir.

We’re talking about luxury consumer goods. That’s literally the only relevant metric.

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Any comment on world buffs trivializing not just threat mechanics, but massively increasing raid wide DPS and survivability, ending encounters before mechanics come into meaningful effect, and cooldown and mana management matter at all? Do you “believe this was an intended effect” and do you not believe “this is a case where the impact is extreme enough to warrant a change”?

How do you feel about people getting powerful buffs to trivialize content from quests that they didn’t even personally complete? Oh perhaps they may have completed it, once, but those same people are collecting these for every. single. raid.

I just don’t see any consistency here. Either change things and respond to emergent player behavior, or don’t and keep the “museum piece” philosophy. This “pick-and-choose” attitude is becoming very frustrating.


This just opened a whole can of worms. Who knows where this will end.

Gonna remove furbolg wand too? This whole post is full of contradictions.

I’m no changes as much as the next guy, we can’t have it both ways. Choose either or.

This item was more well known than most exploits that have been intentionally preserved or recreated.


What about it? A player’s choice of quest reward is a player’s choice.

Based on what? The “best”? Players pick what they want as a reward, that’s the point.

Based on what? The “best”? Players pick what they want as a reward, that’s the point.

So people are expected to know that this item, unlike basically every other item effect in the game, scales 1:1 with healing power and can be used to generate obscene amounts of healing and threat in end game raid content? Come on.

Diamond flask in full healing gear (that you’re not even wearing) is what, 15,000 healing and threat? Plus 150 AP for a minute? From a level 50 trinket?

And you think that’s just fine that anyone who mistakenly picked the wrong quest reward should be basically debarred from seriously tanking raid content.