Ectoplasmic distiller going to stay how it is?

It has a 1 minute cooldown. Can only have one out at a time.

You plop it down in the location that would cover as many people in your raid as possible. It has a range of 15 yards. My understanding is that for each person who gets hit with the buff, the person dropping the item gets 50 threat. That’s per 1.5 seconds. It isn’t impacted by threat modifiers like defensive stance. If there are 20 people that are getting hit by the buff, that is 20*50/1.5 TPS = 666.66 (repeating, of course) threat per second. That’s for single target fights. For fights with multiple targets, that threat gets split evenly amongst all the mobs, so 10 targets in the same situation as above and it would be 66.66 (repeating, of course) TPS per mob.

I could be wrong since I am only going from videos and second hand accounts but it seems to last for 3 minutes so you could place one then after a minute place the second one and so on. So you could only generate that much threat for 1 minute and would take a bit of prep time so pretty unrealistic but still seems possible.

Don’t know why you would need to do that anyway, really. Getting an extra 600 TPS should be plenty, if you think about it. The very high end guilds don’t need it already because they have tanks that are completely geared for threat and do things like pop reck for each TPS sensitive (so basically, Vael) boss fight because they have the healing and dps to support that. For lower tier and casual guilds who struggle to down bosses, they don’t have the DPS output for threat to be a worry once you add ~600 TPS to the tank. They might not have anyone who does even 600 DPS, let alone enough to overcome the tank’s normal TPS plus 600 TPS.

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Ya this is all I really want. I am not trying to argue if the item should be nerfed or not. My opinion is yes but I am not going to argue for that as it is just what I think.
It would be nice to know if this is going to work this way forever so I can change up the way I gear though.

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The endgame of this item persisting in its current form is that a “tank spec” will be a fury/impale dps build wearing bit more stam than usual and plopping these down prefight to ensure they always have a threat lead.

This breaks the game harder than world buffs.

Ya it would always be overkill. I just was discussing it is possible. Most likely what will happen if it stays is tanks will gear full mitigation and just use this to boost up their TPS a bit so they don’t have to worry about threat while being max tanky.


It will be a dps fury warrior with some mitigation gear dropping distillers pre pull for a threat lead while doing a normal dps rotation. This much free threat makes classic tanking as dull as retail tanking.

I would say worse. In retail there is more of a rotation and active mitigation cooldowns to use. If threat isn’t part of classic there really isn’t much. The major reason I would like the distiller to be changed.

It would be wildly hypocritical of them to “fix” this but not the Nightfall gcd issue, or Diamond Flask, or paladin blessings, or any of the numerous Feign Death and Vanish issues, etc.

Either leave all vanilla bugs in classic or fix all of them.


Well they just hotfixed it, lol

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Cool, so we should see a hotfix for Nightfall and Diamond Flask and greater blessings and Feign Death any minute now, right?


this was in classic wow. if they nerf it they should nerf paladin GOBK spam too


They already nerfed it.

It’s nerfed, bad tanks can go back to being bad again.

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blizz why, stop the hypocritical misery you’re inflicting on us, either fix all reference client bugs or reverse this “fix” this bug was in vanilla wow, therefore you shouldn’t remove it under your current philosophy regarding classic wow.

And it wasn’t in the hotfix notes, so you’re trying to hide it and be disingenuous, jfc please dear god stop


The distiller is not suppose to generate threat, link me one video from vanilla not some private server or give me an archived guide because if it was so powerful why did no one use it in vanilla’s Naxx40?

Because it didn’t work like you claim.

They did:

  1. Nefarian (BWL) - Phase 1 of this fight has waves and waves of drakonoids that need to be burned down and 1 or 2 tanks are usually used to hold aggro on them. This is where we discovered the “exploit”.
  2. Fankriss the Unyielding (AQ40) The bugs that spawned all around the room would just walk straight to the offtank without having to be redirected.
  3. Grobbulus (Naxx) offtank could just run around with his back to the slimes and never get hit, all slimes would just walk to the offtank.

It worked exactly that way.


An anonymous testimonial is not credible evidence of anything. There is quite literally no evidence on that thread.

As I said earlier, this wasn’t written yesterday it was posted three years ago. So either:

a) It worked this way in Vanilla


b) This guy was able to predict a bug that would occur three years in the future to a very specific quest item.