Blizzard bug fix hypocrisy

This naked truth makes me sad


They probably shouldn’t of done that.


At the very least give us a blue post explaining the rationale for the hotfix, since the “it didn’t work this way in the reference client” argument does not apply in this situation.

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they also fixed lotus spawns with reasoning not enough for server size so its a little confusing here

Imagine Blizzard believing that these bugs would have been fixed if they were popularized back then, but that world buffs wouldn’t have been fixed if they were popularized back then.


You appear to be very confused as to your ability to demand much of anything.

Alterations to the Platform. Blizzard may change, modify, suspend, or discontinue any aspect of the Platform or Accounts at any time, including removing items, or revising the effectiveness of items in an effort to balance a Game. Blizzard may also impose limits on certain features or restrict your access to parts or all of the Platform or Accounts without notice or liability.

You signed a contract in order to access Blizzard’s products, and the terms above are part of that contract.

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All bugs are not equal in magnitude nor philosophical impact, therefore it doesn’t make sense to just fix them all. They must be looked at on a case by case basis. Which they’ve done a good job of thus far.


Here Blizzard, a simple list of changes that don’t affect much but people trying to blatantly break the game in half.

1: Remove rallying cry, dire maul buffs, songflower serenade, darkmoon fortunes, spirit of zandalar when you enter a raid instance.

2: Make Diamond flask unaffected by +healing.

This follows what we know historically: That as soon as stacking world buffs for raids became popular it was immediately fixed near the start of TBC.


Imagine supporting the fact people use an item in a completely unintended manner to exploit game mechanics.

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The issue is, they asked for our opinion and agreed with us then changed it.
Back in the day a company that did something like this would’ve fell under so fast however today most company’s have their heads so high they forget that the community defines them,

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See agreement you signed and they provided. They may well have agreed with you for a time, but for any reason (or no reason at all) they can change their minds. There are probably people at Blizzard who think the change isn’t warranted, but it isn’t their call ultimately.

…what? Licensing agreements like Blizzard’s haven’t changed much in years and are just the digital extension of the old cling-wrap agreements of decades past.

They fix the back door and IWB side bypass in AV but not the IBT or casing through mountains at the same time? learn to use a caulk brush.

It’s not hypocrisy, over the last year they’ve fixed many bugs that existed during vanilla that were harmful to the game or just didn’t make sense to be there. You don’t think free threat is harmful to the game? Not all fixes or changes are created equal.

Their goal from the beginning of this whole thing has always been recreating a version of wow that stays as true as possible to vanilla wow, warts and all. Sometimes things just don’t make sense to leave them the way they are though, so they make a case by case judgement call on certain things.

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There’s the daily “you changed something I’m angry about so now let’s change everything that I don’t agree with” post.

I’ll check back in two hours to find the next one.

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Keep in mind, information circulates much faster than it did back then, combined with most of the players being meta slaves that only play what others tell them is good with no capability to think for themselves. It’s so bad that many are convinced that paladin is genuinely a bad class(spoiler: it’s fine).

When the sweatiest PvEers abuse X, the meta slaves quickly feel the urge that they must do it too. And in turn, you end up in metas where new players don’t get to experience the game, as all they see is people abusing:

  1. using distillers to tank
  2. abusing heroic strike queue-cancelling to reduce their offhand miss chance by over 10%.
  3. tanks rolling for healing gear upgrades for diamond flasks.

Things like that were there in vanilla, sure, but the game can only handle so many of these things before the new player experience is warped to a point where they feel like they’re playing alongside flyhackers. They budget how many of these things they deal with, which makes it seem like they are hypocritical.

Yeah, let’s just make the game x100 easier than it all ready is by removing the only element of game play that matters. Tank threat.

They should have fixed it. It was good call.

Do you want every raid be filled with distillers? That would be stupid.

They should fix flask too. If you didn’t pick flask reward as warrior you are crap forever.

Could you add the “Paladin Sword Nerf” (+heal no longer works with a certain item, even though it was 100% Vanilla warts and all).

Both of these were insane nerfs to Paladins so Warriors could look better? Have T&F returned?

this guy deserve a monument in how well and factual this was writhen.
Its just so sad that G A Brack would not understand and see it as an atttack

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