Dual Spec Vendor Disabled

awesome, my ticket about this was closed and they sent me some unrelated self-help links. So their idea of support is to close tickets without even trying to help? I feel so valued…

What about the 50 gold I lost and the other that also lost it? You haven’t said anything about it?

Lol, as if this was the place to settle personal disputes with Blizzard.


Why are the updates on X (Twitter) so much faster and prompt than your own official forums? Why are these updates not posted on all media at the same time? Pathetic


Next time post all this info on the forums, Stop using X (twitter) before the forums. This is your companies official forums.



Why can’t you address the gold loss?

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If the plan is to not refund the gold or any similar fix, please let us know. Admit your fault like a man.

a body type one*

ffs where in org?! >.<

49.1, 57.5

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I understand that Blizzard can’t intervene in a lot of one-off glitches that occur for players in-game since that’d be pretty difficult to scale. That said, this is something that rolled out on patch day, and I’d wager it affected at least several hundred players. I think some sort of action is warranted here, whether it’s refunding the gold spent or automatically applying the dual spec to characters who paid the gold and got nothing. I imagine this is within the realm of reasonably doable (I’m a former DevOps engineer and can think of a handful of ways to try to figure out how to identify the affected individuals).

If there are no plans to redress this, I think you should be upfront about it so the expectation is set clearly. Even if it’s not what players want to hear, I’d say it’s better to have clear expectations than to leave us guessing.

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communication has dropped to basic ally zero since cata started. There have been several weird bugs that completely broke things in this patch(STV event, Gnomer quests, Dual spec vendor etc etc) and still radio silence on the matter.

refunds when?

what happens to every1 that purchased the 50g duel spec but was never rewarded with it? i am poor now because of it

it’s only 50g guys :expressionless: you’ll get it back

Vendor is back up btw. In Org and wherever alliance get it idk

Ashame they cant reply on other posts. And instead ignore other serious issues.

We will be in Tanaris the ENTIRETY of p3 lol

No. As usual we get to laugh at the dumb rushers.


I’m finding it amusing that Aggrend named this npc after himself.

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