Dual Spec Vendor Disabled

Pretty sure they just yoinked him off the dock due to issues.

Dont bother going just yet if you plan on playing more. Unsure on his return.

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Should leave it as is.

RIP to People’s Gold.

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Don’t restore the gold. Remember these people say “farming 50g is easy bro” Let them enjoy the farming game :slight_smile:


Farming 50g is easy, farmed 150 last night just messing around.

and they wont need to return the gold, they know who activated his prompt and who didnt. Its fine.

That’s kinda petty.


as someone who works full time and has limited time on wow as is, please no.

The people who bought dual spec on day 1 were probably the same people who need rolled on Kelris staff in P1 just to trade it to the 800g bidder. I’m sure they can afford another 50g.

yikes lol good gold sink

What a weird stretch.

Do you think 50g is a lot of gold or something? Im buying it on all 5 of my 40s.

Ok one of my guildies got the dual spec. It was said that if you or the npc was in combat, you might not get it. Need a Blue post on this. No matter, Blizzard will make this right for the ppl that bought it. Blizzard ALWAYS fixes this so I wouldn’t buy it again.

Definitely do not buy it again.

Itll be completely fine. Just breathe. We will all be ok.

Isn’t it technically still supposed to be server maintenance time? They should just bring down the server, fix the bug, and bring it back up.

Not a terrible idea, wouldnt be shocked to see a quick server reset sometime today.

Yea I mean they’re wasting people’s time by saying the NPC is up, but not saying anything about the NPC being missing.

Apparently some people tried to do it multiple times and spent multiples of 50 gold lmao.

yikes lol bad idea to repeat the same mistake

vendor was gone when I got there, am I stuck without till 4th? :frowning:

Yeah I can’t imagine spending 50g, not getting it, and then spending 50g more.

But people are saying they did it all the same. Crazy.

Are you liking mining and herbalism? I can make like 30g doing big iron fishing poles but those are about to be useless come Thursday when we can lvl up too 300 fishing