Dual Spec Vendor Disabled

Let’s break its legs!

There was a bug if you go put the person buying it in combat or you know stood around waiting for an ally to buy it and talk to the vendor then gank him they lose their 50g and dont get dual spec.

Are we going to get our 50g that we lost due to the bug?

nope… that’s what you get for being the first ppl to do stuff sometimes you win sometimes you loose

Oh they added dual spec. I’ll go get it when I get home from-

Wasn’t one of the first, I got home from work logged on and tried to get it. Nothing about rushing to go get it. Just had the opportunity but got hit with the bug and now out 50 gold

What about us who lost 50g and received no dual talent specialization?

Exactly my point I’m at a 50 gold loss

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Incoming free dual spec? :open_mouth:

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LOL like they’re going to compensate anyone for their incompetence.

How about giving class trainers the ability to offer dual spec training…easy fix. I like allowing the factions to grief each other at the docs though. The grief was all part of the plan right?

lmao why not just hand everyone consumes and gear then so they can play?

Ridiculous how entitled you are lol

go play the game and earn 50g it will take you 2 hours

If you dont want to afford it you dont deserve dual spec

pretty simple concept

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I see in a blue post he’s in Ironforge and Orgrimmar. Is that a bait? Or is he in three locations

what exactly was the issue?

Had to do with being put in combat during turn in.

Or already being in combat when you clicked “buy”.

You lost 50g and didnt get dual spec lmfao

The dual spec NPC has arrived at his new locations in Ironforge and Orgrimmar a bit early and is again open for business.


I knew he could do it.

But did they fix it for people who already paid and didn’t get it?

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Surprise mechanics. Let’s see if the mechanic gave everyone their money back from the vending machine.

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What about the people who tried to do it earlier and ended up losing 50g due to the combat bug?

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