Dual Spec Vendor Disabled

Wait they added dual speccing? and it’s only 50g? What, where, when? you know all the questions and was this in all classic era or just SOD?

SoD only, with the cool kids. Tanaris, Steamwheedle port.

I farm SM GY with my shaman and pick the herbs on my 2nd box rogue who also opens the lock boxes.

Or i boost SFK if theres enough folks on. I charge only 1g per run but i keep the greens and blues.

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I suspect that the Dual Spec dude will show up in a Horde and Alliance city starting tomorrow lol

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Honestly better.

Dumb putting this dude out in Tanaris like this.

Wtf is the point.

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My thoughts exactly

I dunno, I would have enjoyed pvping and robbing the other faction of their ability to buy dual spec until Thursday.

Problem was the glitch where being in combat spent 50g but didn’t give you dual spec lol.

The dual specialization NPC, Grendag Brightbeard, has been temporarily disabled as we work to address an issue. We apologize for any inconvenience.


Meh. It was a reason to go to Tanaris. That’s pretty cool.

Pretty smart way too be honest I’ve been doing fishing poles and wreckages for chests gotten about 200g now but 150 a day is nutz you’ll be set for phases 3-6

How tall are you and how much do you weigh?

Wow, a blue response, it’s almost like seeing a unicorn.


It’s my money and I need it now? (pls, muh 50g)

Imagine not being able to fix it immediately today.

Small indie company.

You really don’t have 50g bro

my hunter alt makes 20g per hour farming uldaman with raw gold

Can you open up servers transfers please for people’s who guild no longer plays on pvp servers

Some people want to play the game. DS should be 5g

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If you play the game you make income passively lol

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And? It should still be 5g. Its a seasonal game. Let people play the actual content.

Plottwist: they added the vendor in just for a quick goldsink