Dual Spec.. please?

No we do, we care about the good parts of it.

We care about the world, the dungeons, the raids and the actual content. The reason we want dual spec is because it improves our enjoyment of what makes WoW WoW.

Dual spec does not change a single actual mechanic, no spell hits differently, no mob acts differently, no zones changes.

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As much as I want to re live the forums 3 -4 years ago, I think I’ll pass again. Both of us know this’ll continue on forever. Not unless Harland is still around …

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The people who had unrealistic expectations the experience of classic would ever be the same as it was seem to have quit :slight_smile:

Sorry but the experience of an MMO is defined by a lot more than the pure game mechanics, unlike a single player game.

He never stopped posting. He just made another Rogue alt with a different name.


Not to mention, you were an advocate of making changes in Classic:


Again here’s the thing we do care about the game we care about the game we care immediately extremely about the game however.

Just because we care about the game doesn’t mean that we think the game couldn’t use with some changes the changes that blizzard have made our good for the mouse part.

That’s why we’re suggesting dual speck because again whether you’re for it or against it the game is not in a good state.

Lol. Again, no changes didn’t start out to be taken literally. No changes started out to replicate the authentic overall experience. No changes was an abstract concept. Not a literal one. People turned it into one so it could suite their agenda when needed.

Whatever you want to call it, no changes or changes, i want a faithful recreation of the authentic OVERALL Vanilla experience.

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Your original experience was always impossible to recreate because it was defined by far more than game mechanics.

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No it wasn’t lol. They never HAD an actual stance on it until “you think you do but you don’t”, which isn’t so much a stance but was an indication of where their finger was on the pulse of the what the community wanted.

Go ahead, link any source at all that shows they ever made any definitive statement on not planning to do it.

It’s interesting that Xanthak outed you on this, it clearly indicates you in a position of being someone in the reverse position but maintaining a similarly obtuse, rigid, unmoving opinion that was uninfluenced by actual logic, and sort of highlights the unfortunately flawed method of approach you have to disagreements.

It’s the same as Fasc in the “fix feral energy” threads, where he kept insisting it won’t be modified.

Then it did.

Seems like the skeletons in your closets are ultimately the ones that bring you down…

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It literally was blizzard quotes.

But the thing is you can never get that like no matter what they do you can never have that 2004 experience again.

I hate to say it but you’re trying to get something that just can’t happen you can’t unlearn things they would have to redo classic to such a degree that you wouldn’t recognize it to for that to happen.

On top of that Technically what you want already happened right Like it or not classic was that it was the most accurate retreation of the original game.

And not to be mean but if it was really that good right if people were really OK with no changes to that extent why is classic dead?

I mean how many people do you actually still see playing that game not many

How many people do you see still playing classic? It’s a lot less than at launch and less than at TBC launch.

was 16:9 and 4k in the original game? no but would people have even considered playing it if they werent?

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Sorry, are you now arguing for or against authenticity?

I’m confused since you guys can’t ever remain consistent.

Not all changes go against authenticity.

A change made that does not take away from the experience of origional tbc is fine.

But you are intentionally distorting the stance of wanting to respect the origional design intent with #nochanges. You know this. You are just being intellectually dishonest.


Oh, another contradictory statement.


I do?

I am?

It’s possible to make a change that helps emulate the experience of tbc for today’s player base.

As a simple example of changes made to attempt to make player behavior similar to back then.


If they did nothing 80+% of every remotely serious raiders would be leather workers. Because we now know that LW without those changes would be the biggest dps increase for the raid, and by stacking drums it would be the biggest dps increase for personal dps as well.

Back in actual tbc the percentage of LW was nowhere near 80%. The changes made were made to drums (and other profession changes) were made to try to make player behavior more closely match what it was in tbc in terms of proffesion choices.

Changes can be made that are in line with the intent and design goals of origional tbc. Bug fixes fall into this category as well. This is not a contradiction, you can be against some changes and for others based on how they interact with the design goals and intents of tbc.

It’s not a black and white choice of no changes or all changes.

Now in terms of dual spec and the design goals and intents of origional tbc, we know they said NO to any form of multi spec like dual spec and gave their reasons as to why. We have very clear evidence dual spec did not fit into the design goals and intent of tbc.

But you know all of this. You also peace mealed my post to make it seem weaker, which just proves you are being Intellectually dishonest.

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Translation, I’m a hypocrite and changes I personally like are fine and I’ll do massive mental gymnastics to explain why but not changes I don’t like.


I think your translator is broken.

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Nah you just don’t like the truth.

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Coming from the person that thinks you can only be nochanges or allchanges, lol.