Dual Spec.. please?

This is a sign of a bad player.

You are complaining about the need to be behind the target for pve. Where you can easily get behind targets because of a tank, or CC.

Nothing is necessary and nothing needs to be added. The seal change wasn’t necessary and didn’t need to be added. The drum nerf wasn’t necessary and didn’t need to be added. The boost wasn’t necessary and didn’t need to be added. Even changes added in original bc from vanilla weren’t necessary and didn’t need to be added. For example eliminating the hunter dead zone wasn’t necessary and didn’t need to be added.

That argument means nothing to me. Nor is necessary and need the criterion blizzard has ever used when they created a new expansion or when they made changes to an existing one. The questions are does it improve the game, do most players want it, does it cause more problems than it solves?

Which changes do you think were unnecessary?

The mount doesn’t really effect the gameplay experience, so that doesn’t really count.

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People like you always make grand, virtuous explanations as to why you want something, but in the end, it’s pure self-service.

You don’t want dual spec because it will “help” others. You don’t want dual spec because it would be helpful. You want dual spec so YOU can cope, and you’re not even honest enough to admit it. How dishonest, really.


And? So are the reasons against dual spec, in fact those reasons are even worse as dual spec wouldn’t hurt any and would only help people. The argument against dual spec is just pure spite that doesn’t actually benefit anyone.


Yeah, it’s really no mystery that the primary desire for dual spec pretty much for all of these posters starts with “ME”, and then they fluff it up with all the rest of the weak alternative justifications as a back-up.


Yes, I want dual spec so it’s easier for my dps alts to find groups. It will also help other dps find groups but my main reason is it will help me. I also want less people raid logging so I have more people playing the game to play with. That dual spec will make the game more fun for other people is incidental. I want more people to play more parts of the game because it’s a MMO and more people makes MMO’s more fun for me.

All changes start as self service. If you came here wanting the drum nerf you wanted it to make the game better for you. Then other players added their voices because they too wanted it for them. That they thought it also made the game better for other people wasn’t why they came here and asked for it. Those who want HvH Bgs want it for them. They also think it will make the game better but they come here because the situation as it is isn’t good for them and the change will benefit them.

It is natural, to work mainly for something from which you yourself derive a benefit.

But that doesn’t mean that most of the other players wouldn’t have a benefit from it as well…!

Yeah… :joy:


The very sad part is that as someone who despised TBC and what it did to WoW itself 15 years ago, I’m actually defending it - even if what is suggested is “better”. I can’t believe I’m doing it. And the only reason why I am is because i think every expansion remake or remaster or whatever, deserves it’s own dignity.

This isn’t about what you like. What I like. What would make people play more. Or wouldn’t. This is about what the games were. Show some respect. Respect the games.

It’s like the company remaking doom2 but adding new weapons and allowing characters to jump, etc. What’s the matter with some people. If people want Dual Spec so bad, wait until they re do wrath. Geezus.


Dual spec is not some radical new mechanic, it’s simply an improvement on a mechanic that already exists.

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Ziryus, for someone who spouted the “wall of no” over and over again, I can’t believe you actually played Classic. <3


Care about that all you want but I don’t care about it at all with any game I’ve ever played. I don’t respect the games. All I care about is that on balance when weighing the good and the bad is that I have more fun than not. If a change can make the game more fun for me and for most of the people playing it I want that change.

I like every change BC made to the vanilla game. If it were possible I’d like classic vanilla with some of the BC and Wrath changes. For example I’d love to play a hunter in vanilla without the dead zone. The dead zone was stupid and made it much less fun to do dungeons in buildings in vanilla.

Then you should have read all the posts, I always said I would play classic :slight_smile:

The wall of no was blizzard’s stance at the time.

Well, at least you’re not all alone on the forums anymore.

The Classic player base feels like Retail and the culture feels like Retail.

But hey, I have no horse in this race. If people want to destroy an image of what was a great game, that’s really too bad. But i never liked TBC to begin with.

But as an outsider looking in, a lot of you really are selfish.


No there’s just a lot of people who don’t want to pretend that vanilla or TBC was a perfect game that had no room for improvement.

This is no different than my position during those times as I’ve played since vanilla.

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OK one I make the statement me as an it as an I want it because I try not to Put every single person that wants Is dual speck in the same category.

Because I’m willing to bet if I were to say something of the long the lines of we want it You would probably make a comment of the long lines of you are not every one.

And I’m not so the reason I say I want specifically I’m not the only one that wanted obviously this form would not be 4000 comments long if I was the only person however.

I can say I’ve never meet any personal attacks against anyone No yeah if they make fun of my spelling.

Without eBay acknowledging my argument I’m going to respond but I’m not going to go down to the level of.

The Congress debates I’ll put it like that I’m on here because I want dual speck and I think it would be a good change for the game.

And whether or not you’re 4 or against it one thing I’m sure we can agree on is this the games not in a good state.

No one is pretending that they were perfect games. But they deserve to be left in a state that still feels like what they were. It really is that simple.

WoW was an iconic piece of history. And it’s too bad that people don’t care.


Yeah. It’s ridiculous that some people say things like:

Respect the video game. Seriously? Show the video game some respect?

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Absolutely. If Blizzard messed up the Starcraft:Broodwar re master or remake or whatever, that would been a travesty. A good thing they didn’t add any tiny tweaks to units here and there. They just left it as is.

Let the game lie - whatever you may think. It’s not hard.