Druids aside, who tf is running 30 dungeons

Anecdotal, but I didn’t choose which character to post on in the forums. It automatically chose to post with my alt character and I haven’t bothered to change it. I’m sure it’s similar for other players.

Short of tallying up every single response to the thread, you can easily just go and skip through different parts the history randomly and clearly see the majority of posts against the change. Since you’re so persistent I might just do that because i’m locked out of running instances for the next 18 hours anyways…

You are joking right? We started at patch 1.12 which is near the end of Vanilla and was only out for a short time. 1.12. was released in September 2006, 2.01 5 December 2006, so a couple of months.

The only way for a “true” Vanilla experience would have been to start with 1.01, released in November 2004 (I didn’t start playing until January 2005) and roll out the patches up to 1.12 over two years. But that would have been incredibly difficult. Not to mention that all of the problems/glitches etc. that could be exploited from those patches are now known.

Many issues and behaviors, even explotive, that were possible/known by 1.12 were likely not fixed since BC was only a couple of months away. But, since we started at 1.12 and 2.01 is a year(s) away if ever, these same behaviors now become problematic.

We don’t have the “original Vanilla” experince and never will, that can only happen once. Now personally I did all of the dungeons and raids (with the exception of final bosses in AQ40 and Naxx) during Vanilla so I’m happy just cruising the old world before BC.

I have and everytime it’s either even, people don’t care, or they are for it. I’ve said this a million times. Even said count the first 100 posts like I did and you’ll see that’s the case. Or count the 100 in the middle.

It’s all irrelevant either way because of multiple reasons I’ve already explained to you, but your toddler brain can’t seem to grasp it.

The vast majority of people farming a dungeon 200+ times are not hitting the 30 day cap.

There might be a handful of people that insist on going 50+ times a day until SGC or Eternal Darkness drops, but it’s still a tiny percentage of the people going for those things.

Most people burn out after 2-3 hours of attempts and go do other things.

And yes the same thing applies to feral druids and MCP. Most will just live with getting a couple each week and not go for 10+ every day.

My dude half of those options are exactly why blizzard made this change. Honestly 4 of them but close enough.

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People have been doing all of these since classic. Welcome to vanilla/classic wow?

i should welcome u to vanilla wow. nice gear, u should come and get it in classic :slight_smile:

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This is an vanilla character, I just prefer posting on it because grand marshal gear looks nice. I also have a geared classic char.

The only people who are running 30 dungeons a day are bots or power levelers. Not an impactful change I don’t get why people are freaking out.

Even druids who feel the need to farm an item that isn’t needed to clear content you can farm a lot of pummelers in 30 runs.

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u should come do the farm in classic and post from that

Retail mentality.

No changes means no changes. Let us play classic as it was.

HOJ/arena/DME/etc. farms are all nostalgic elements of classic WoW for many players.

you realize youre like the militia men irl always talking about “muh guns muh freedom” without realizing all your freedom has been taken already right?

I will never run GNEVERAGAN 30 times a day, I hate it with a passion. I will do what I must, to get what I must. That is all.

They’ve still made relatively few changes to classic, and backlash to changes may prevent further bad changes (though I see it going down the drain quick, and doubt Activision can refrain from wrecking it further).

mmm nope dont think it will

keep exploiting and botting and watch it become like irl. no freedoms

It’s actually far easier now due to pool parties and bracket fixing than it was in vanilla, but maybe you don’t know that.

then u have nothing to worry about, now start ranking and lose the retail mind set. i know its much harder now but u can do it

I’m sure some people were experimenting with these sure. It becoming mainstream wasnt a thing in vanilla. It became a thing on private servers over time and got blown up in classic because the servers are friggin huge.

Wrong, I played vanilla extensively and raiding through naxx and did the PVP grind. Obviously you didn’t?

Many people did tons of arena, hoj, DME, trib, jed in vanilla.

Maybe not Skul or dungeon boosts, but the above things are already reason enough that this change is poorly designed and implemented. And regardless, it doesn’t fix botting, which was supposedly the point. Is their point just to ruin classic (in the literal sense) WoW experiences like arena/anger runs? Because many people are nostalgic about that grind years later and it’s always been a staple of end-game vanilla/classic which is now heavily restricted.

Remember, there are MANY different changes that could be made. It’s not this or nothing. It’s just poorly thought out and damages multiple things that people have been doing forever in WoW by using too broad a brush. It’s lazy design, which people have come to expect from Activision.

These aren’t the 4 I was referencing. Of course these were in vanilla. All the boosting, and DME/Trib farming wasnt really a thing. I’m sure someone was doing it but not hundreds and hundreds of people.

I played vanilla too. Thing is most people that say well all these things were in vanilla cant understand is that the game is modern now. We have modern problems. The game is different, and these things get abused 50x the amount they ever were in vanilla.

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