Druids aside, who tf is running 30 dungeons

druids aside, we get it ur MCP QQ

but who actually is running 30 dungeons that isnt stockades (find a better gold farm)


Most druids aren’t running 30 Gnomer’s per week. You might have a few try-hards who are doing 60 or 90 per week.


I don’t even think I did 30 instances when I was helping my friend farm the gladiator chain. We’d get bored of the arena and do something else until the next day well before 30


People doing Mara, ZG, DM east, Trib runs, Jed farming, Skul farming, Arena farming, Anger farming, selling dungeon boosts, etc etc.


anyone who wanted to do so

is that really important?


yea but if you get on at 8pm and do 15 runs then get bored til the next day and go at lunch time you are still on your 15 runs, it doesn’t reset when the clock hits midnight


Blizzard said it was only a handful of people. And I believe them, more or less. I think very few people have the single-minded sweatiness to do something so repetitive for longer than that without taking a break to go do something else. I’ve never met anyone like that. I think it’s easily fewer than 1%.

I farm arcane crystals in Winterspring, and after an hour or two of running in circles, I’m like f this, I’m going to something else, anything else.


SM and Mara 1 pulls
DM:E Lasher Farms and Jump Runs
Jed hunts
Few Arena Runs

It being on a rolling 24 hour period instead of just 30 daily is more painful than say like how you could only do 25 dailies a day but they all reset at 11am or something.

I just didn’t do anything last night so enough instances could roll off so I could actually enjoy doing what I like to do today.


On the one hand, I agree that 30 instances in a day is pretty crazy. On the other hand, why isn’t anyone asking what issue this is actually fixing? Supposedly this is to address botting, but it’s server specific so if the botters hit their limit they just go to the next server on their list.

It seems like a change that will only impact actual players. Perhaps that was their true goal all along, but if it was… they should admit it.

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that 2 hours is 10 resets, 1/3 of the resets per 24 hours and you say yourself you i’ve nevet met anyone like it…its too sweaty, but if you did it tommorow morning again you’d be 2/3rd of the way through, see what i mean?

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Agreed. They targeted certain excessive behaviors under the guise of bots because it affects them too. Honestly this change doesn’t bother me, and I litterally know 0 people who are affected by this. We even have a feral tank in our main raid and even he said it has zero impact on his MCP farms.

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Inquiring minds want to know.

It is a rolling 24 hours.

If you game Friday nights and Saturdays, this is the same lock period. 10-15 resets on a Friday, and again Saturday morning, means you’re locked until Saturday evening.


i think they should do a hard reset though, like the time dailies reset instead of it being rolling. I can agree that if you have a power 3-4 hrs on friday night and play somewhat on the next saturday morning - it’s likely alot of people will prolly hit the 30 instance lockout.

I don’t think it’s a lot of people that are running 30 instances in a 24 hours period, rolling or otherwise.


The answers were in the question. But there’s also BRD, jed in UBRS, skul in strat, anything you can reach quickly. Rogues usually max their lockpicking by spamming BRD resets to pick the doors at the start over and over.

but some ppl think thats cheating and the same thing as botting, multiboxing and boosting

idk, when i was running with buddies trying to get them their hoj’s, scg’s, and other items - we’re all old - we mainly play weeknights and morning weekends - most of the days of the week, we’d never hit the 30 cap, but fri/sat - we would have almost every saturday for a few months solid i’d say.

we all have everything now, so tbh, i dont have a lot of skin in the game really.

Yeah, I see what you mean. But if I were to run up against a cap, I’d be like, okay, time to do something else for a while, can come back to doing this tomorrow when it resets if I want. Not a big deal.

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I don’t know how you’d compare resetting a dungeon to cheating with multiple accounts… but ok.