Druids aside, who tf is running 30 dungeons

Look at the post going from the most recent. Do you not see the 100s of comments against the change? Why do you pretend like they don’t exist, it’s INSANE.

Lol Jesus Christ this is just sad. You mean the ones with posters that are level 13 and have 5 posts to their name?

Listen to me honey, that thread isn’t a sign of anything. It isn’t a sign that it’s a good idea and it isn’t a sign that it’s a bad one.

You actually have teenage logic if you think this is true.

Once again, a fifth of the posts in that thing are from 4-5 people specifically against it.

You wanna know what was also a massive massive thread that got bumped every 5 seconds? The av thread asking for 1.5 av. Can you tell me how ‘big’ of a deal that is now? Oh it isn’t? That’s pretty funny.

This is the reason why threads like this get so much attention. It’s because morons like you say moron things and others come in here to tell you how dumb of thoughts you are having in your brain. Then slowly but surely the post cost climbs.

Literally everything you have said makes you look dumber and dumber dude. You refuse to acknowledge clear evidence. You ignore what people say and dismiss their opinions because you don’t agree with them. You haven’t given a single good argument for justifying this change.

You do realize all of the posters with 5 posts to their name ARE PLAYERS THAT NEVER POST HERE. You literally just stated the evidence for it. They have very few posts to their name! The ONLY reason they are posting on the thread is because this change is affecting their gameplay. Otherwise, why would they waste their time trolling the forums?

You’re so ignorant it’s astonishing.

‘Refuse to acknowledge clear evidence’

Christ child. GUYS GUYS GUYS THIS POST GOT 4K COMMETS. You know what that means don’t you??? That means this is a bad thing!!! “



Dude you’re a actual joke

A lot of the massive threads on the forums are just the same handfull of people having an extended argument over the course of weeks, just going in circles making the post count go up and constantly bumping it to the top of the forums for people to then revisit a little later to basically say the same thing again to the fake forum alts of the same people they were arguing against a few days before

Its a never ending cycle

The thread has existed for 7 days and has the highest comment count.

It is probably considered explotive behavior and unintended. There appear to be a lot of over-the-top behaviors that either weren’t very common in Vanilla or were OBE pretty quickly and were never fixed.

Now, everyone knows, or can know all of the glitches, unintended side effects, etc. gathered not only during Vanilla but from years of private servers. People prattle on about a “true to Vanilla experience” but how is that even possible when everything, even “future” dungeons, raids, quests are already known?

About the best you can get is a crude approximation of what it was like in Vanilla. IMO a lot of these changes actually help with that.

And how much of those comments are just people going back and forth arguing?

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Yes, there is a fair amount of comments with replies. But the vast majority of the comments are against the change without any replies to them.

I don’t agree, I haven’t counted but I’ve commented in a number of these threads and there are a fair number of replies that either don’t care or support the change. It would be interesting if you stripped out all of the repeat posts and just counted for, against, or don’t care type replies. But I’m too lazy.

P.S. And while I’m generally in favor of the change I probably fall more into the “don’t care” crowd.

To be honest, I’m kind of tempted to just go through and tally up the for/against posts. People keep arguing that there are a lot of people for the change. Judging by actually going to the post and reading the responses it just is not true at all.

If you go to the thread and skip around to various sections of the history randomly you can clearly see the vast majority of posts are against the change. I really don’t want to spend the time tallying votes up…but it may be worth the effort. Though it’s not like if you presented 100% clear evidence of tallying up for/against they would believe you anyways. They’re the same kind of people who think the eath is flat.

One of the reasons there is likely more people posting against (other than the many people with multiple posts) is it is more likely that someone that is “triggered” by a change will go the forums and complain. There is even a theory that it is a minority of boosters, gold farmers, etc. organizing the resistance so to speak :wink:

One thing is for sure, only Blizzard has the numbers about how many non-botters were abusing/exploiting/using the lack of an instance ceiling in ways they didn’t like and how many people would be affected.

So two birds with one stone? Another brick in the wall of helping with botters and mitigate a behavior that wasn’t intended?

I can guarantee that the majority of players coming to comment on the thread out of the blue showing their displeasure are players being affected by the change. I’m one of them! I have no reason to come to the forums and complain about how people play the game. But now that blizzard has made a change with the intent to curb botting, but has had a big affect on legitimate players, here I am! Triggered isn’t the right word. There was no warning or consensus around the change at all. Nobody offered up this solution at all to prevent botting…people are pissed off and they have a right to be.

Oh I’m not one that believes that botting was the only reason for the change. Even if it was one of the primary reasons I think the number of people particpating in excessive dungeon farming was likely a consideration as well. Remember that every change made to the game costs Blizzard money. I’m sure an ROI calculation, which includes the long term health of the game, is part of every proposed change before it goes active.

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Yes it has already been explained by the company that this change is for correcting the players that use exploits as well as bots. That’s good enough for me as anyone that is supporting exploits, well, I don’t really care about your opinion.

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The best way to have a vanilla experience is to not change vanilla.

Like, are you high or just dumb?

And yet, you still have no good explanation for how harming players doing arena runs is in any way good for the game or in fitting with vanilla WoW, in which this is an absolutely standard thing to do and has been for 15 years.

Here’s what I don’t understand. Classic has been out for what 9 months now? The instance cap hasn’t been an issue for the entirety of classic…and now all of the sudden it’s a problem?

The cap is aimed at bots, it clearly says so in the post. Yeah maybe the best ROI decision is to limit instances so bots will spin up more accounts. More accounts = more money for blizzard, probably a lot more than the loss from legitimate players unsubscribing because of the change.

The whole point of classic was to get it without changes. Sure there are some clear exploits that should be addressed (wsg glitching out of the map for example). But this one harms legitimate players…and it hurts the integrity of the game which will affect their long term ROI. People aren’t going to want to continue paying for a service when they pull the rug out from under people. Blizzard can solve the botting problem with other solutions that don’t affect players and they should.

This is exactly one of the best points.

It’s not like this is the ONLY change they could make. There’s a lot of better ways to accomplish what they claim to be trying to accomplish without making fundamental changes to how vanilla WoW is designed.

Defending this broad brush approach which harms legitimate players and betrays their promise to not change big aspects of vanilla gameplay just belies people’s lazy thinking.

Prove to me most are negative and that they aren’t accounts like you on an alt with less than 30 comments