Druids aside, who tf is running 30 dungeons

Maybe YOU don’t consider it a fundamental part of the game. But a lot of people do. You’re opinion is just that. Yes we can still do it. But it’s the “just not as much” that’s the whole problem. Defining the an arbitrary limit, imposed for a change that is aimed at botting, is the entire problem.

Again, folks aren’t listening. Fun happened incorrectly. We’re supposed to play their way not our way. Come on y’all.

If I have 24 hours to play, I should be allowed to play 24 hours doing whatever assuming it’s not botting, cheating, etc.


Currently nearing 700 mara princess runs. Maybe you aren’t hitting those limits, but a lot of people are…And it’s not a trick, deadly boss mod literally tracks these things. I’m sure people can give you raw data for how many runs things like SGC took to get.

please stop bragging about ur backwoods server r14. i see u doing it constantly

ur r14 is the equivalent of a normal server r11 or 12 with all the time u saved farming with the same method everyone else did

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Show me the data on this then, because every single time I’ve counted (counted the first hundred for a guy) the majority is the exact opposite.

It’s safe to assume you are just a dimwit with selective reading

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Not hard to cap 20 runs at night and then only have 10 for the next day. It be nice to have a hard reset in the morning. I play friday night then get up at 6 am to do my gold farms it be annoying to cap out because you forgot you got locked on some jed looking the night before.

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x amount of time in dungeon, 1 hour between resets, 4-6 hours minimum. at night?

Bots and “a small handful of players” are running 30 instances per day.


Correct, your fun ruins the spirit of classic for others.


You can do 5 jeds in 5 mins. Then 5 more if you do it twice. I would do 4 arena runs then sell farm anger on the 5th run. I did 250 arena runs for my sgc. I dont think i hit 30 a day cap unless it was from the night before.

650 runs is the worst case to get sgc. I seen some on reddit with that bad of luck. I got mine in 250 runs. I know people got it on there first try. One war in my guild ran a lock with me then got it later in the day. I still tell him he stole my sgc luck.

Honestly, I have no clue what you’re reading. Like seriously. I just scrolled through a few hundred comments. The vast majority don’t want the change. The only ones for it are people virtue signaling or obviously trolling. There are a handful of legitimate comments for the change are just telling people that people aren’t “playing the game how it’s supposed to be played” which I fundamentally disagree with.

A lot of people do support the change. Remember, you are 10 times more likely to leave negative feedback than positive feedback. And tons of people are still leaving posititve feedback so that’s a testament to this change’s popularity.

As blizzard has also noted, this change only affected a handful of legitimate players.

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Theres a big difference between 700 and Thousand(S) emphasis on the S implying multiple thousand

And even that 700 is likely on the extreme top end

290 is a hell of a lot less than “literally thousands”

My point stands

You and many others use extreme hyperbole to try and make things seem more substantial then they are

People will farm like 15 lockouts a day over the course of many hours spread apart and then claim they hit over the 30 cap “all the time” when in reality they hardly if ever actually do

And holy sh#d thats a lot of baseless assumptions you’re making , triggered much?

Ive personally helped farm 2 SGC for guildies

Also remember that a lot of people who never comment on these forums came specifically to comment on this change. All you have to do is look at the 100s of most recent posters and clearly see people with < 10 posts firmly against the change. I can’t help but notice most of the posts for the change are forum trolls that white knight for anything blizzard does. Prime example: Ziryus. He’ll respond to any post mildly against the change and twist the intention of the post into some vague argument that has no merit.

That’s just the recent warrior he’s helping, don’t be intentionally misrepresentative.

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That is the most recent warrior that i have been helping. The individual that is making baseless assumptions and touting it as if it were fact is you. All because you can’t conceive of someone doing something that you haven’t done. I can say, I’ve not hit the lockout since this change. That is because MY habits had to be reformed to fit the meta, not because of your perceived barrier of what people are and are not willing to do. I wouldn’t give a heck if the change hadn’t actually drastically changed the way I spend my time in game :slight_smile:

You wouldn’t even need two accounts. Just one account with more than one character and just switch back and forth from one alt to another

Thank you for confirming my suspicions.