Dragonriding, so fun I want to smash my keyboard

You can go longer than that if you start up high. Peak to peak is how to navigate DF. It is a very FAST 1 or 2 mins of flight that can cross zones. Difference is that to get that speed you have to control it yourself.

You will get the hang of it though. Took me a bit and now I really like it better than normal flying, except if I wanted to hover or auto pilot. Heh. Still, active engagement in a very fast moving skill is not a bad thing.


I spent an hour or so getting all 48 glyphs tonight so that would be out of the way, but I can definitely get with this statement.

(I sincerely hope that the dragon riding skill tree is still account wide like I saw in beta; I dread having to fly that course for the glyphs on every character.)

Dragon riding definitely has it over regular flying in terms of raw speed, but having to pay attention and maintain it greatly detracts from its utility for doing much else than getting from A to B.

Regular flying is much more useful for gathering and I personally sorely miss being able to hover or maneuver in detail.

I will likely use both for the things they are best at when the time comes. For now…

We got what we got.


This. If you’re trying to scale mountains from ground level all the way up your not gonna have a good time.


It has nothing to do with learning how to play the game. People play games to have fun and if you have to spend all afternoon struggling to get some item, that’s not fun.
Not to mention the fact that for some people some things do not come naturally like they do to others.

And for people like me, DR is painful. It gives me headaches, hurts my eyes, and yes, I suffer from motion sickness as well. Those things might be “fun” to you, but they aren’t to me.


I watched someone get all the glyphs in an entire zone without landing once. It was insane.


I mean no offense by saying this. As in: I truly apologize if you become offended by my statement below as that was not my intention.

Video games should prioritize fun mechanics over accessibility. If motion sickness for you is bad enough that you cannot enjoy the mechanic, that should be something you take up with your doctor. The game shouldn’t have to cater to your inability to look at moving objects on a screen.


That’d pretty much be the end of me playing wow.


It is still account wide.

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Seems to not be. I logged onto an alt, yes I had the mount available, however I do not have any of the skill tree done. Just the ability to use it. I still have to go everywhere and collect everything, AGAIN. No thanks.


I was able to use the mount and fill in the tree on one of my alts. I tested it before logging off for the night.


don’t ask how many super nintendo controllers i destroyed learning to fly yoshi


Eh i feel like alot of people went into this expac ready to dislike it


Using it and having the skill tree transfer over are not the same thing.

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What I mean is I went and collected all the glyphs. Then logged out and got on an alt. After taking them to the Waking Shore I opened up the dragon riding tree, was able to fill in the whole tree and use the mount.


sincere question…how? can someone who had trouble explain me what the common issue is? You fly slightly downwards at top speed to restore vigor and that’s about it.


Wait that is possible? I have only done them one at a time. I was almost at the end of Beta before I realized what they were even.

Yes, you can collect all the glyphs in every zone and fill the entire tree from top to bottom all on day one. It just takes some time. About an hour and a half for me.


The concept of glide path is not hard wired into everyones brains, much like raid mechanics take time to pick up, this will take time to pick up. That said, a lot of people don’t raid because the mechanics are too difficult. I know people who can’t possibly play DCS because they have no perception of spatial orientation in VR, in the cockpit of a fighter jet, at high speeds/high angles of attack. Some things just do not work out well for some people.

In this case, WoW has a lot of older players, and a lot of players with disabilities that will prevent them from even being able to utilize this mode of transportation, essentially gating them from being able to play it.


“Traditional Flying” - so fun, I want to smash my keyboard, if I don’t pass out from boredom first.


We tried to warn you all, but people like me just got accused of being conspiracy theorists and “Haters who just don’t like anything”.

The facade was gonna last maybe a week, tops. Then everyone will be wishing we had old flying.