Dragonriding, so fun I want to smash my keyboard

Because it’s too hard. I cannot for the life of me get this glyph at the top of a mountain. I spend all my vigor, just to wait for it to recharge to try again.

“Fun”? I think not.

I just want my regular mount/flying back. This isn’t for me.


Okay…you’re just gonna have to wait 8 more months until pathfinder part 2 is released.


No you’re wrong it the best addition to the game since slice bread, just listen to Blizzard and some posters on the forums. Why would you want to click a button when you can glide for bit then sit until you get your energy back?


Find the easier ones, build up your vigor, and then go back. Or land halfway up the mountain, get more vigor, get the glyph.


I spent the first month of Beta waddling around on the ground. I eventually got the hang of it and when it clicked it was amazing! It is not that bad.

Use your vigor to get up somewhere high. Then let it recharge. You can then glide, dive, soar and have a fantastic time. I got all the high ones in Beta and with only 3 vigor. It took me a bit of time to get to safe points on the way up to recharge. Think of it like climbing, with a rest stop or two. A couple were tricky to land there when the speed was too fast!

There are also the explorer banners on those high peaks that are worth a lot of rep!


Yup it sucks, just need normal flight.


Not gonna lie. I was having issues with it and then during one of the return quests it “clicked” for me. I got the glyph you’re talking about and 2 others on the next fight. Keep at it!


Hey at least you can drive your dragon around without wanting to throw up.

Motion sickness? Too bad! You’ll fly the goblin glider dragon and you’ll like it!


I’m sorry you are struggling. I didn’t enjoy the feature on beta, and haven’t purchased DF at this point primarily because of it. I hope it does get easier for you, but you aren’t alone in disliking it.


I really have been enjoying it a lot. I think it makes flight paths relevant again and dragonriding feels more like a way to travel great distances but without as much control. Like you can’t unplug when you dragon ride, but it’s more like its own thing now.

Sorry you aren’t enjoying it though.


Just git gud bro, thats all it takes



You also unlock useful abilities for it when you go thru the story.

You’re not meant to be great at it right away. But it gets WAY easier to learn once you practice and get glyphs


I hated it too for quite a while. I really did not GET it, until I did. Then it just works as naturally as regular flying but a lot more interactive and honestly fun. It is faster for one thing. I also love the diving, swooping, etc!

It takes time to get used to it though and I don’t blame people for frustration right now.

Reminds me of when I first started playing WoW and ran into walls because my brain, fingers, and eyes had no idea how controls worked. Until they did, and then it was fantastic.


They are not going to give normal flight at the start of the xpac so everyone can cheese the glyphs. Besides, with very little effort or practice dragon riding is easy to get used to and the glyphs are then very easy to get to with a little patience and effort.


This shows how little people want to learn how to play the game these days.


I want to just sort of say that not everything is “easy” for everyone.

Mobility issues, motion sickness, etc. can impact someone’s ability to use controls and the interactive nature of dragonflight may be difficult for some. I would not discount that some people are going to have a harder time with it than others.


It’s not flying, its falling with style. It sucks


This is the first time in a very long time that flying has required thought or has been engaging. I thought I would hate it, but I’m enjoying it once the training wheels- so to speak- fell off.

Edit-- I could definitely use a lot more Vigor- but I hope that will come with levels and upgrades to the dragon-riding.


As someone who did not get to experience dragon riding (no beta) and watched a grand total of one trailer involving it. I went into this completely blind. I truthfully had no idea what it was, or what it was going to be. I had been told by a few friends to just go after the skill points for the tree to improve your QoL right from as soon as you can.

I am comfortable in flight sim games (they take up an equal amount of time as wow) and I get the gliding and speed retention. I understood it right off the bat, I instantly just knew how to handle it, control it, and how to get around with it. I could easily get from A to B, used a handy guide to collect most of the stuff already to level it up. I’ll finish it tomorrow without any real issues.

All of that disclaimer out of the way.

This sucks. This is probably the most obnoxious transportation system they could have put in the game. It turned the simple logistics of getting from A to B into a mini-game all on its own. If you like it, good for you, I’m happy for you. But this should have been released along side normal flight. This as a primary mode of transportation will ruin the game for a LOT of people (I’m not one of them, I can use it). Anyone with motion sickness is going to have a hell of a bad experience, and anyone who just plays this game to relax (older/disabled) will likely be frustrated to no end if they don’t just give up entirely.

For me personally, I’ll continue to use it because there’s zero alternative to it currently, but as soon as one is available, I’ll gladly shelf this.


I think people need to get the upgrades before judging it too harshly, and that doesn’t take long.