Dragonflight which class gonna be TOP TIER for solo shuffle?

I don’t see them as different modes.

They have plenty of games to reference that include both solo players and parties in the same pool and maybe its a pipedream that arena can get to that point

I don’t think Fire mage players like having a purgable combust and non threatning damage otherwise. Being as frontloaded as they are now wasn’t a thing in legion iirc.

They’ve tried different approaches like HP % damage in lasso/gpie and to a lesser extent controlled burn

but I digress

I don’t think WoW is somehow the only game where you either have coordinated surgical precision in setups or everyone runs around with their head cut off ala Solo Q and there’s no inbetween.

It could be as simple as faster dampening and that’s something the devs will wrestle with and dare I say use something like solo shuffle as an additional metric.

but im prob fried idk

3v3 will die so it wont matter about balancing for it

I i get what you’re saying and yeah they could design specs like fire better so they’re actually more versatile and viable in more situations but I just don’t see the effort being made by them honestly. If it happens by chance great and if not they’d be like oh well.

Just looking at that first tournament if they balanced specs based off performance there outlaw could justifiably get nerfed, mage and lock would unjustifiably get buffed, ret and boomy would unjustifiably get nerfed, etc. and it would have disastrous spillover consequences in 3v3.

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It’s already happening with stuff like precog, universal relentless and kidney locked at 6s base

Did you hear the post interview with that ret. He himself was saying he didn’t do anything but is just a walking neutron star combusting on anything Kalvish stun locked.

Like is that the PvP we find so precious?

It makes sense that a spec with good saves vs stuns/phys damage outpaced all those rogues with the 1 rogue spec that outlaw has trouble with when all the casters got shoved out.

True and that puts the precog talent more into perspective for me if shuffle was their reasoning. Still think the 2 healers/2 melee/2 casters requirement for every game is a better solution but that’s a different topic.

Yeah I listened to that and really like his attitude lol. PvP be like that sometimes but he was also downplaying his role some imo.

Yeah I agree. Ret has always done really well into outlaw, but that’s kind of my point. In 3v3 you may see tons of caster cleaves and in shuffle you may see tons of outlaw rogues. How can you balance a spec like ret for both? These new talent trees with a plethora of options are a step in the right direction, but it’s still hard for me to believe a historically unattentive dev team could put in the effort to balance specs with that type of nuance.

I honestly think its mostly Outlaw that’s pushing the envolope too hard. Like even in s2 when they first got their new PvP talents and before tier, on a dummy i was hitting 14s evasion cd. The spec just pushes out any other melee because it has everything.

I don’t see the need for dual tuning but I agree with your melee/caster/healer format.

I was gonna go on this long rant about rogues but not worth. I think it’ll be interesting to see if the community as a whole adapts to something like outlaw or sub bomb/duel + flag.

if not I feel like they’ll change things like they’ve hinted in the Medallalion change post (which i can’t find…) Especially the line on hitting CC’s that havent changed much in the game’s history.

edit: Just remember these notes in the future if they start to let pvp develop “Organically” again

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the paltry amount of attention 2s gets historically has me doubting this


My bet is on healers. Being better than the other healer is a significant advantage, and to an extent can overcome some less than ideal dps skill or comp issues.

For DPS I’d say rogue, feral, balance, or MM. Having the stealth opener is going to be huge and allows you to pick out the weakest link with absolute ease.

DK’s are also going to be sick imho.

Healer will also probably continue to have the benefit of quick or instant queues.


rating means nothing rly

there was an e-girl streamer named mazzybelle… she would always brag about being duelist. then one day she got suspended on stream and they took her title and gear away . just lol (she was exposed for buying a boost to duelist)

just cuz some1 has a rating next to their name means nothing. we cant tell if these people bought it or earned it

I think that prot paladin and guardian druid will be the two best specs for solo shuffle. As a prot paladin, you get to play the game knowing that you will only ever face other prot paladin tank teams. As guardian, you know for a fact that you get to play the best tank against the rest of the tanks in the non-prot paladin tank shuffle sub-bracket.

The dps that you get matchmade with (and against) will have earned most if not all of their rating in the main meta, so you have the advantage of getting to learn your role exceptionally well in an environment where you know the rest of the people are less experienced than you at that particular format and not necessarily expecting to queue into it. A lot of things that might be really good in the main format just won’t work in yours, so you’ll be able to capitalize on it.

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Delete your post


No. More people need to be concerned about what the special formatting for tank shuffle is going to be like in rated.

The special format should be that tanks can not queue is solo shuffle.
That’s a great format for them.

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Well, no company in charge of an RPG is going to completely disallow an entire role’s worth of specs from an endgame content type. Putting them into the main meta with healers and enforcing the normal 3v3 format would be better than them having their own pseudobrackets within the main bracket. Tanks usually require super-specific comps in the regular 3s bracket to succeed, so you’ll probably encounter them less often as you climb this way rather than if they get to wintrade against each other in the special tank brackets.


who won

Well, I have a few ideas and fun little things to do if I get paired with tanks.
If blizz allows it then it is what it is but that won’t stop me from having fun with them lol
Gotta make the best of a bad situation lol

You sweet summer child. They are hoping this shuts up then remaining 0.3% people who still arena while they wipe their hands for last time.

This is kind of a strange way to look at it. I think a lot of arena players prefer the current formats, provided they have partners, and this’ll be something that makes arena more approachable to people who aren’t familiar with it.

Or just a chill mode to play when partners aren’t on and you don’t feel like languishing in LFG.

It has a lot of potential.

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None of my IRL friends arena any more. Rarely do I play with the same LFG teammates more than once. I don’t want to get in voice chat with people that I don’t know any more. I also don’t really care about getting much higher than 2.1. Solo shuffle is pretty much exactly how I want to play the game.

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