Dragonflight Preview: Get to Know the Dracthyr Evoker

Where are the other class options?

Still eager to see what the deal with them wearing armor is. Or if they might get another body-type to choose.

The abilities look great, its just they look like a snake\lizard rather than a dragon. Cant get over the proportions


Video evidence, and the fact that the buff is 980% flying speed is not good enough for you? :joy:


So much of this looks promising. The only thing that I question is the cooldown on Soar. It could be much, much worse, the question is whether less time would be better, or would it become too OP. It would be too powerful to not give it any CD, but realistically it will still lose against normal flight in a long-distance race even if the CD were further reduced. Of course, this can be tweaked throughout the expansion too.

Sorry worgen, Dracthyr stole your character frame AND your long requested tail. And they stole flying that Demon Hunters have wanted since they were announced.

Two birds, one walking talking lizard.

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Another mail wearer! I hope this means cool mail mogs!

I wish the allied races had this much customization. Mechagnomes could be so much more than they are and Void elves could have a lot more void elements added to their spells. We need more quests like the Warlocks green fire quest!

All of that is a matter of individual taste/perception, though. I think the ‘bulkiest’ body is more than large enough. Wouldn’t want anything more muscle-heavy than that. But that’s just me. I also suspect anything larger would begin to distort armor/cosmetic pieces and that has to be avoided.


Show me where on that video it says 980.

I’ll still carry a torch for a Drakonid Allied Race. Complete with access to tanking classes. Blizzard clearly designed Dracthyr with a specific fantasy in mind - a fantasy that leaves room for an altogether different type of Draconic fantasy.

I think that’s a good perspective.

The fantasy of the Dracthyr Evoker has been stated to be a literal playable dragon - flying around, breathing fire, etc. You’re not supposed to feel like a “dragon-esque” creature - you’re a dragon. Drakonid doesn’t feel like it’s trying to deliver on that same fantasy. I think someone would want to play it more to evoke that Vanilla WoW experience of “oh no, that hulking draconic beast is running at me full speed while helicoptering a spear!!!” fantasy - but to actually be playing as the lumbering dragonman that’s doing the charging. Drakonids are distinctly not breathing fire, or flying, or doing a host of other things that dragons traditionally do - that would be the niche of the Dracthyr.

So while I LOVE the Dracthyr, I think there’s totally a place for Drakonids as a playable race without infringing on each others’ core fantasies. Especially when we already have gnomes and mechagnomes, which are two races that share the same exact fantasy.


PLEASE REMOVE SOAR CD OR REDUCE IT. It’s not fun. It makes that skill utter garbage for what its worth.




That CD is so long I’ve forgotten the ability exists before it’s available to use again


At least they made it so you can now ride mounts in dragon form now. So you don’t even have to ever go in visage form if you don’t want to.

It’s 950% like I said before, but yeah. Says right there under “Buff”.

Will just post it here… because no alpha access, but right now Devastation has a pretty bad rotational problem for single target.

Living Flame is far too strong.

Living Flame deals 200% Spellpower in a 2 second cast. That value can be changed to 308% in a 2.5 second cast via talents.
Disintegrate is 313% in a 2.5 second channel (without the t3 talents).
Charged Blast combi is 635% over 6 seconds (264 over 2.5 seconds)
Pyre is 102% per GCD, or 170 in 2.5 seconds.
Fire Breath luckily is 600% in 2.5 seconds.
Essence Surge is 369% in 2.5 seconds. (but you only want stage 1)

With these numbers, the most optimal single-target rotation consists of Fire Breath and Essence Surge every 30 seconds, and then just spamming Living Flame, and extending Fire Breath via Everburning Flame. Spending Essences should be minimized to disintegrate (for mana regen)

Oh these numbers will definitely be tuned. Living flame too strong, charged blast too strong, Disintigrate seems…underwhelming? Possibly just by comparison.

The spenders in general feel underwhelming when the fillers aren’t far behind it.

Yeah, I doubt tuning has even started yet. The mana cost on Temporal Anomaly pretty much proves this.

While I don’t have a problem with fillers being strong, Living Flame is really strong…