Dragonflight Preview: Get to Know the Dracthyr Evoker

Doesn’t matter to me, I’m gonna stick with ret and smash everything

I would question that. Their graphics engine has issues with 310% flying and stuff actually loading in before you pass it.

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Oh no, it’s definitely faster.

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should be 2 per realm… 1 alliance one horde


Super excited to try these! I will add to the people asking for the cooldown on soar to be way less or completely gone. Dragon riding seems like a huge win so far so holding it back for these guys seems a bit counterintuitive.

I know it probably couldn’t happen at this point but it would be really cool if these guys had a “mount form” that maybe got around this? The druids can do it already for normal flight and not much, if anything, would need to change about the dragon riding mounts to have them just be a “form” the Dracthyr can learn to take as opposed to them riding other dragons which is a bit odd even with visage form. Maybe something like this would even work to give them just regular flying too, I’ve seen a noticeable uptick in the amount of people using the sandstone drake mount since the announcement. Just throwing in my two cents since I’d love to just play as a full on dragon in more games even if it’s only to fly around out of combat and storylines.


It would be illogical to not try one of these, even though they look like Gorn.



Just call it frost damage please.

And give dracthyr more classes. I still think this race/class as is better off just being a class any race uses and have them have druid shapeshift mechanics

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Just here to support the stance that Soar should have no cooldown, and if possible all dragonriding upgrades should apply to them, too. We’re so close to having the dragon fantasy by being able to fly; please don’t miss it by making us ride other dragons sometimes, too. Let dragons be dragons and fly. :slight_smile:


Spellfrost is Frost/Arcane combined.


Ask Zandalar Trolls. They got 15 min CD on their glider substitute :laughing:

What about Black spells?


Couple utility spells. Obsidian Scales is your defensive, and Landslide is your roots.

Spellfrost is Arcane/Frost damage. Which are the two kinds of magic the blue dragonflight is known for.


Deep Breath is also a black spell.


Was just gonna edit that into my post. Forgot it’s a big onyxia reference.

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Like I said I’ll test it in game once it is there… but thanks.

Haha, having had a Zandalari main for awhile, the long cooldown on the Pterrordax swoop was indeed a bummer. Would’ve used that WAY more often if I could have. :laughing:

That being said, though, I don’t feel like the gliding mechanic was as integral to Zandalari fantasy as the Soar racial is for the Dracthyr fantasy. I don’t feel like a lesser Zandalari just because I can only summon a Pterrordax once every once in a while. However, I do feel like a lesser dragon if I can only use my own wings once every few minutes.


Them being able to use Arcane, Frost and Fire in a single spec makes them more magey than current mages FeelsBadMan

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…they look awful, the woke is strong with this race.

I am also very happy. I have played every new class added to date as well. Death knights, monks, demon hunters. All have been very fun to play.

Cannot wait to see how evokers play, as i do like most casters. Warlocks are okay, my least favorite class in both classic and retail so far.