Dragonflight Preview: Get to Know the Dracthyr Evoker

You guys did such a good job with the customization for these guys.

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Bring back atonement overhaul shields… Disc Priests are getting the shaft ever since you killed us after pandaria…

I wanna know why this class, does not have a tank spec. I think it kind of negates the purpose of being a dragon if you can’t tank. not only that but everyone will mostly be trying out this class so tanks will become very rare, making hard to que for dungeons and raids. just a thought, personally i probably wont even try this class much without a tank spec.

bout time theres a race that cant be a hunter

Yeah they final y
done it for DH. and i was stupid enough to run 2 accounts

I’m confused about the number of Dracthyr you can have. I know you can have 1 per realm, but it also says subsequent Dracthyr must be on a realm with lvl 50 characters. Which is it?

Sorry I am a bit confused by your question. It is both.

How can it be both?

Sorry for the late reply. Have not been on the internets for a while! Not sure if you’ve received an answer from somewhere else but I might as well answer in the event someone else has the same question.

— 1 evoker per realm.
— 1st evoker does not require a lv50 non-evoker character to create.
— Subsequent evokers require a lv50 non-evoker to create, per realm.

Let’s say example person has no evokers on their account. They decide to create their first evoker on Moonguard, a realm which the example person has no lv50 non-evoker characters on.

This is fine because it’s their first evoker.

Let’s say afterwards example person wants to create an evoker on Alexstraza, a realm the example person has no lv50 non-evoker characters on.

This will not work because it’s not the first evoker. For the subsequent evokers to be available for creation a lv50 non-evoker must be on the same realm you want to create the evoker on.

Ok, thanks for the clarification.