Dragonflight Preview: Get to Know the Dracthyr Evoker

Dragonflight Preview: Get to Know the Dracthyr Evoker

Meet the new dracthyr race and learn more about the new class—the Evoker— as we take you into who they are and what they are all about.

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Mm indeed very interesting. The more information you give is making me feel like a kid in a candy store lol I want more! Lol. I can’t wait to see what else is in-store for us players. One question. One dracthyr per realm, so like only one player can play it in that realm and no one else gets to play it? Maybe I misunderstood scratches head Anyway I just can’t wait to play and descover so much. Beautiful work Blizzard Inc. Team


I better be super duper OP Blizzard (at least for the first patch pretty please)! I can’t wait to dish out heals and dps like it ain’t nobody’s bizniz!

Please don’t make Soar have a long CD, or preferably any CD. Let players have fun with the dragon race and their flying capabilities.


How about fix the priest trees, and then I’ll get to know the Dracthyr Evoker.

In before Blizzard says soaring makes you physically tired and you have to regenerate.

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All I need to know about the dragon thingy is it can’t be a Hunter so I can’t get excited about it.


How about they fix every class they broke in DF by removing borrowed power again :open_mouth:

I think you mean every class they broken in Legion by redesigning entire specs just to shoehorn them into artifact weapons.


I’m not the only one! Thank the lord almighty I thought I was all alone in this dark dark place.


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Thanks for the info! I’ve been waiting a long time for another caster class and am VERY excited by what I see. I’ve been playing with the wowhead talent calculator and watching very closely on streams to get a feel for how it’s done and will report any bugs I see visually (I don’t have alpha access so that’s the best way I could help here). Very cool things are coming!

I am impatiently waiting for wowhead to get them uploaded to the dressing room so i can actually start making my own.


Guaranteed Mistweaver and HPala trees are going to be mega overpowered with more ways to path than druid and priest.

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Agreed. The 5 min CD is way too much. If people want to self-fly as an Evoker instead of using their drake, let them. They should be able to self-fly during the Dragonriding races they have around the zones too.


It’s off-putting. If the issue is that they want folks to experience the drakes, that’s fine and is still an option. There’s also other classes that won’t have a choice but to use them.

It just hurts the fantasy of the Dracthyr to make them ride a dragon while having these wings.


Oh for sure. It’s nice to have a dragon buddy to customize if I want to, but I AM a dragon. Let me fly. :unamused:


Hard agree with reducing the cooldown of Soar. 5 mins is too long.


I would go as far as saying that Dracthyr should have all the Dragonriding upgrades you learn too, but they probably won’t do that. :neutral_face:


They look great!

I would love to see polearms added to their weapon selection, though (they would look great with them!), and maybe explore allowing them access to Legion artifact transmog since they can’t engage with that system otherwise?

I would love to see these on a Dracthyr:

Regardless, I can’t wait to create my new main!