Dragonflight Preview: Get to Know the Dracthyr Evoker

You can only create one per account per realm. So you can’t make fifty pre-leveled characters to farm mounts or whatever, delete, and recreate for another round.

Do the two combat racial abilities share a cooldown?

Also, why not let us use Soar to simply fly instead of dragonride?


I’d really get to know the Dracthyr if I got invited to the alpha haha… Anyway, I’m hoping they add some black dragon spells somehow. Seems like only 4 flights are represented among the two specs.

They do not.

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They do have a significant amount of Black abilities in-game. All their spells are labelled with the associated flight.


Bruh where are the other talent trees. I need to see paladin. Trying to decide on a main over here :rage:

From what I’ve heard from literally everyone I’ve talked to, Dragonriding feels way better than normal flying, it’s also much faster, so probably a non issue.

Just need to gut that CD.


They have a couple of Black abilities. Deep Breath is a big aoe ability, while the overall theme of Black abilities seems to be CC and defense for the most part, like with Landslide and Obsidian Scales. The Black Dragonflight has always been the red-headed stepchild.


Okay, thank you! I’m glad they’re included, even if it’s just CC or defensives! I would’ve been pretty disappointed if I made a black drake but had no black dragon abilities.

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No cooldown on Soar please! Let Drakthyr fly like they should. Don’t make people wait two years for an “update” before you cave.


I’d expect one talent tree per week. Maybe they go 2 per week as alpha nears its end but I wouldn’t count on it.

Please please please add a larger upper body option for male dracthyr. Even if it’s a mage class, the existing models are pretty lanky and looks more like a lizard than a dragon.


Shorter neck too, please. Even a really broad chest is gonna look funny with that long neck they have.


Arguably their most iconic ability Deep Breath, which has them flying around and breathing fire in a strafing run, is a Black ability.


Dragonriding is probably the most fun feature they’ve added to this game in a long time. It’s also very cool thematically to be able to do it as a Dracthyr.

I just want them to get this right from the start. :pray:


I’ve always mained a rogue, but was thinking otherwise before SL launch because we pretty much got J and S until about two weeks before release. Wish you luck.

Granted my experience is only from watching videos… but it doesn’t look faster… It has those stupid streamers behind you to ‘make it look faster’, but it doesn’t look faster to me. and I won’t be able to prove it until we’re allowed to actually fly and do some timed testing.

Shut up and take my money


Can we please have the class crest??

Pretty sure it goes to 950% flight speed. I’d have to double check.

I know there’s videos of people flying from the sword in Silithus to the Barrens in a very short amount of time.