Dragonflight is 10.0 Done Wrong

It’s worse did some reading based off what is in the Alpha and they literally have a tank division in their ranks.

Obsidian Warders : This weyrn is charged with defending the allies of the black dragonflight and protecting its strongholds. Whether it is deployed to reinforce draconic legions or guard the skies alongside dragons, this weyrn is the embodiment of the Earth-Warder’s aegis. Currently under the authority of the Scalecommander Azurathel, the Warders trained to be the bulwark that enemy forces will break upon.

And these aren’t all Evokers mind you.

Every dracthyr is an expert soldier. Whatever weyrn they serve, they use their talents to defend dragonkind in obedience to the Earth-Warder. Yet even among such illustrious ranks, there are a select few who transcend the skills of their kin. Who are able to master the specialties of all weyrns and shift between roles at will. These are the evokers. The best of the best, finest of the finest.
These elite forces possess the rare potential to focus their essences into an instrument of preservation or a weapon of devastation. The journey to such mastery is long, and few dracthyr can see this path through. But those who learn to harness their full potential shall be honored with the title of evoker.[9]

And that’s hilarious because the Lore said we should have Evoker tanks now. But now we also know they didn’t get made and put in stasis some time passed, not all of them are Evokers, and that they seem to have been around long enough to have a community of sorts.

Oh. Rad. So we SHOULD have Warriors, priests, druids, etc.

Ye gods, Blizz. Take a year and make this race the RIGHT way.

Okay, except most people play DPS or heals.

Right but you can only fit so many of the same class into a group before you lose out on utility from other classes. Right now if you want all the buffs for raid and a decent Brez you need at minimum Mage, priest, warrior, demon Hunter, monk, and a DK/Druid. But we are getting a few more buffs in DF so Rogue hits the list as well as Evoker and druid just bumps off DK meaning right now to fill those up 9 slots in raid comp are taken. So with a Standard 2/4/12 you have 9 spots left to fill and yeah most will be dps left over but you also need some melee as well as ranged so those 9 aren’t likely to be all Evokers.

And that math doesn’t even account for a meta skewed towards a few of the non-buff classes doing enough damage to warrant needing at least a couple of spots filled by whatever takes over for survival hunter and Warlock.

Not really.

  • For most players, races are almost entirely cosmetic.
    • Racial abilities are intentionally pretty weak. There really isn’t that much gameplay difference between a human mage, a void elf mage, or a blood elf mage.
  • Enormously more gameplay difference occurs between classes than between races.

If you like a race play it if you don’t don’t play it

So that is Blizzards way of keeping people subbed for over two more years. We shouldn’t have to wait that long to play a Dracthyr as another class. Instead they should have had another new race with other class options available at launch as well with the same level of customization.

No reasonable person is going to stay subscribed for two years just to play the Drac’thyr as other classes. It is ludicrous to assume that this is some ploy by Blizzard to keep people subscribed.

I definitely think Blizzard put themselves in a corner, when they made the Dracthyr humanoid, instead of an actual (small) dragon.

Like, why restrict yourselves to a humanoid appearance, if you’re deliberately making them a race AND class all their own?

Yes, really. Your points are irrelevant to the fact that new races haven’t had this limitation. It’s not an issue of racials.

Never said it wasn’t a dumb idea. Expecting players to wait two years to play a new race being added as a class they would rather play on the other hand is.

I have already said I will make an Evoker and never seriously focus on it. It will be just another alt added to the masses. Could this single class simply be to prevent 1/2 of a server form running around as a Dracthry? Already solved that when I said they should have had a second Dragon race option. I still hope they do and just have chosen not to share it with us. But that is just a crap ton of HOPEIUM! (BOOM!!)

Listen, if I can breathe fire and shoot magic from my hands, I’m not going to fight by slapping people like some kind of savage.

A solution that takes years to come isn’t real. We are in the now.

You do the ole combo attacks and use all of your abilities with synergy. Much like every other dragon we have fought in WoW that used claw swipes, tail swipes, knockbacks, breath weapons, and occasionally magic throughout the fight.

The drakthyr racial abilities already provide many of the normal dragon abilities…and after that, they can focus on their specific classes.

It is true that other races haven’t had a single-class limitation … but so what?

My point is that races in World of Warcraft are largely cosmetic. Class is much more important.

Lots of players choose to skip playing new races and don’t miss much. For example: how many players decided to suddenly main or race-change to Pandaren or Mechagnome when they were added to the game? … answer: probably not many.

And did those players who chose not to play the new race feel like they were missing out on a large part of the new content from the expansion? … not really.

Yes, Blizzard is trying a new thing in Dragonflight by having a mutually exclusive race and class that does not include melee. However, your argument that melee are getting shortchanged because they cannot play the new race fails. Historically, races are relatively minor and mostly cosmetic when it comes to content.

Of much greater significance is that melee players won’t have a new class this expansion. They’re getting short-changed in that respect. But this is countered by the 3 previous expansions where ranged players were short-changed. It’s time for ranged to have a turn.

Yes, we want it on release. Dracthyr are already made up. Why Blizzard chose to not go a step further is a mystery to us all but I say again. A new race with this much customization being limited to one new class is the wrong move and a bad direction for 10.0 to take.

Just calling Blizzard out for a bad choice.

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No they absolutely did not. They said they would think about the possibility of that happenening.

So it makes the biggest feature of the expansion DOA for melee players. You’d think that’s be an issue for a game that’s been bleeding subs.

Cosmetics are hugely important to a lot of players.

And lots choose to main new races too.

Surveyed all those players, did ya?

The argument doesn’t fail because your opinion is that it’s not a big deal. That’s just your opinion, and a lot of others have voiced that it is a big deal to them.

Now that someone mentioned it, I have to agree. However, that’s not the problem I have with them. The Dracs are descended from dragons, or dragon kin or something like that right? They should look INTIMIDATING, but instead they look like Barney knock offs.

Semper Fi! :us: :ukraine:

What about Demon Hunters…Blood Elf and Night Elf…a lot of selection there. I know, I know. Lore right. Nuff said.