Dragonflight is 10.0 Done Wrong

Why have you been subscribed for more than a year after quitting?

Feet are only one item slot and some races don’t even have feet.

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So put it right next all the other back burner items that won’t actually make the game any better

And that is what people are worried about.


They have a narrative to introduce them. They don’t have to make them “everything at once” just to satisfy the players.

Give them time.

See above. You’ve clearly never DMed a tabletop game if you don’t understand this simple premise of story narrative.

Preprogrammed with specific skills. You’re taking my description too narrowly.

I’m starting to understand why you don’t get this if you struggle to be more expansive in your thinking.

I think it’s best to just shelve this. You need to expand your thinking, and we are just going to continue to butt heads until you do.

Blizzard doesn’t need to plan for that contingency. They are just putting this out there and letting people use it. The amount of time you put in “or don’t” is up to you.

I’ll be playing a Dracthyr, because I play everything. The reason it doesn’t bother me is because it’s not my story to write.

You’re claiming possession of something you don’t own, and trying to make it your way. Stop that.

Let Dracthyr be what THEY want it to be. Give your opinions and suggestions if you want, but don’t get bent when they don’t listen. They don’t need to do that.

To you.

This is a dragonoid army.

As explained above, Dragons inherently fight in flight. Mixing them with humanoids just gives them some resiliencies in other areas that dragons might not inherently have.

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Idk I’ve fought a lot of dragons in wow and they generally do a good amount of meleeing me. :man_shrugging:

That would be a programming issue. If the dragons in wow were programmed to fight the way they do in Elden Ring this would be a whole other discussion, and the combat would be a heck of lot more fun.

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That’d be a great argument for why Elden Ring Drakthyr can’t melee.

Just because they do a thing, doesn’t mean that’s the only thing they have to do, or at all.

You’re being to narrow in your thinking. Expand you mind a bit.

Or in Skyrim or Fallout. Those games you’re constantly looking up and using ranged attacks. Every once in a while they land and you can hit them on the ground.

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You’re the one focused on one idea instead of how the race could work for everyone. Expand yours.

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I’m not, actually.

I’m telling you this is how they were written, and you’re trying to make them something other than that and not understanding why they aren’t the thing you want.

They don’t have to be what you want. They only have to be what BLIZZARD wants.

For now.

Edit: I’ll also point out that the last class was a winged melee class. Did you really want that again in the very next one?

Second edit: Come to think of it, this class is literally the things that DH can’t do.

They don’t range or heal. This is the “Anti-DH” if you think about it, so it makes even MORE sense they did it this way.

In reality it’s a programming thing vs a fantasy aesthetic thing. The WoW game engine is a mess.

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Sticking to a small idea.

Asking for more options.

I totally understand that. It doesn’t mean folks shouldn’t ask/give feedback on the decision, and I doesn’t mean I have to give Blizz my $ for it if they’re not something interesting to me.

I couldn’t care less than the last class was similar.

What I do want personally, is for the new race to be one I can tank on. What I want in general is for Drakthyr to have options for all 4 playstyles so that everyone can enjoy them their way

It makes no sense to me to add a race that excludes roles. I have no real issue with a class only being able to do certain things, but to lock the whole race out is crappy IMO.

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I’m not responsible for the way they were written. I’m simply reminding you OF that fact. I’m also reminding you that Blizzard has a story arc and you’re trying to shoe-horn in your own wants and desires before they’ve had the chance to explain the story.

This is on you, not me or them.

Then why are you arguing about it? If you understand the thing, then don’t complain about the thing.

Let it play out the way they want it to play out and see where they are going with it.

If you’re going to jump on them the second they say something, it defeats the purpose of letting them tell a story.

Here’s the crux of the whole thing.

Let them tell their story. There’s likely more to come in the future. We will never get to that future if people keep second guessing them.

I actually explained that above. In this case, it appears they are adding the roles that DH didn’t have, ranged and healing.

People have been clamoring for those roles for a while, but rather than giving them to DH, it appears they decided to make something new and do them there.

Hell, that may have been the impetus for their creation. Someone said “hey, let’s see if we can expand on DH roles”, and it evolved into this instead. That’s happened before in this game and others.

It’s a new race though. They are making new race/class combos, and in the future Dracthyr may get more.

That doesn’t concern me at all. There’s a story behind both this race and class, we need to learn it first as part of this story, and in the future it may change.

Us simply saying “they need to be x or y” doesn’t have to fit into the narrative Blizzard is working on here, and they always have room to expand upon that narrative later.

Why? I would rather see a class be able to tank, and I don’t see how a caster class like Evoker can do that. If anything, we have a class that should have been a tank long ago, and still doesn’t have that option. If anything I’d rather see Shaman have the option of tanking. There’s more narrative reasons why that should be a thing than for Dracthyr as a race to be able to do it.

However, Blizzard doesn’t agree with my wants or desires, so here we are. (Not just mine, BTW, but that’s another topic entirely).

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Guys the door is definitely open for players to play Dracthyr as other classes down the road so chill out lol. In their starting zone we find out that not all dracthyr are or can even become evokers. Evokers are only the very best of the dracthyr, but not all dracthyr.

You’re serious about that I haven’t seen much gameplay of that start area yet.

If so that means that the super soldiers aren’t all perfect machines, and that there are Dracthyr who can’t be evokers. Wonder how that works with Big N’s Plan? Bunch of Crafters and farmers, that can’t defend themselves?

Never said you were.

That could have been written to include melee. This isn’t a decade old lore and frankly, we know they’re not about ridiculous writing to fit stuff in.

I’m not arguing, I’m discussing and sharing my feedback. It’s a forum after all.

Well considering how responsive they generally are to feedback before something blows up in their faces, this is definitely good advice.

Wish in one hand, * in the other.

Demon hunters aren’t a race. You really don’t understand the difference? I don’t mind that Evokers can’t melee/tank. I care that Drakthyr can’t. If I want to be a BE/NE I don’t have to be a DH, I can be other classes to play the roles I like.

That’s a great reason to buy in the future, not now.

It’s great that you have that opinion. I’m not going to try to invalidate it like you’ve done to mine.

Regardless, it would seem you’re getting your way on this one anyway. Maybe the next expansion after will make this race more interesting.

As of the current alpha there’s several dracthyr lorebooks. The thing is though every dracthyr is still an expert soldier just with a different skill set denoted by their weyrn. Only the very best that master each of the weyrns’ skills are evokers.

Sadly no they really can’t so many people can’t understand the difference.

Like Expert soldiers in what ways? Are they still just using dragon magic and Evokers are just better?