Dragonflight is 10.0 Done Wrong

But that isn’t even the same thing. Both of those races can be many other classes. Demon Hunter is restrictive just like Evoker. The Race of Dracthyr needs to have other options. Then you can put them in the same playfield.


Look at the spells the evoker does…
There’s fly by arial attacks.

Only a dh can “fly”. But that is a Class. Soooooo…

You just referenced a CLASS that can only be 2 races…that is very different than a RACE that can only be 1 class. The Drakthyr class restrictions are unprecedented in WoW.


One of the issues could be that they are focusing on the content and expansion. By having the new race only have one class, they dont have to make animations for all the other classes. They also dont have to adapt the spell animations and spells to all the other races.

While I agree, I would like more variety in races that can be evokers, and also I would like to see the dragon form be allowed to be other specs and have armor, but all things considered, I am having fun playing DH on a blood elf, and im not partial to blood elves, so as long as I enjoy the content and have fun, I can deal with it, till they add more down the road.


But they aren’t unprecedented in MMOs.

Horizons: Empire of Istaria had playable dragons 2 years before Vanilla WoW was released. In that game Dragons were both a race and a class, just like in Dragonflight.

And it worked great! (it’s too bad the rest of Horizons sucked so much, but the playable dragons were awesome).

I just love how people always whine about evoker is only for Dracthyr and not other race and I say this is a good thing because it’s tied to the Dracthyr and it’s their skill set and it’s their story / lore.

They will introduce a new Race for Evoker Class on the next expansion after Dragonflight. Dragonflight is just one part of the series of Expansions Blizz is making. They cant reveal their future plans.

The hell? What does Blizzard need time for? This should be as simple as flipping the class switch, applying the animations and armorsets, and calling it a day.

Unless Blizzard didn’t do that for some reason.

‘Muh narrative’ doesn’t justify bewildering game logic, like an intelligent race of individuals somehow being unable to figure out the pointy end of a sword. Literally.

I don’t need a character to go on a massive narrative arc to play a Paladin or even a Prestiege Class. If they want to play any combination, it generally goes through. If it’s a wacky combination, then that’s an ‘interesting individual’ not a ‘narrative violation’.

If the players WANT to play out gaining power like that, I’ve been there and done that too, but a lot of people just want to play out the fantasy they’ve envisioned without being straitjacketed by convention.

A non-response, and that’s being charitable.

Are the Dracthyr intelligent or not? Are they not supposed to be super-soldiers or not? If not, why are they playable and/or why were they created? If so, WHY DO THEY HAVE SUCH MASSIVE GAPS IN THEIR SKILLSET?!

They are designing it for OUR consumption. A chef can bake the finest cake in the world by culinary standards, and the customer is entirely okay to tell them it doesn’t appeal because they had something else in mind.

If Evoker isn’t pants-on-head stupid-strong on release and throughout ALL of Dragonflight, Dracthyr as a race are DOA.

And no dragon ever’s been forced to ground or ever had to plan for such a contingency, such as I dunno, getting tired, getting netted, magic, storms, other dragons, or whatever.

These are intelligent, living, humanoid beings, not a fighter plane. They should be capable of picking up a weapon and swinging it. The fact that they can’t is stupefying and pointing at these and saying they’re ‘super-soldiers’ should have gotten the person suggesting it laughed out of the room. Super-Soldiers among what, toddlers?

I think the separation here is the difference between someone who can swing a sword and A Warrior. Yeah, the Dracthyr could definitely swing a sword but being a warrior is a lot more than just that. Warriors, as a class, perform superhuman feats in a way that I don’t think you can do shortly after picking up a blade. They need training to perform those kind of feats of strength. If I unequip my weapon and start punching I’m not a Monk in plate am I?

To use an IRL example, I have 0 experience with firearms. You can give me a gun IRL and I know what a trigger is and where to point it, but wouldn’t make me a soldier or a marksman.

I think the Dracthyr really are just waking up to use their innate abilities and not one of the classes because they have no training in anything we do.

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So they’re idiot toddlers.

They’re fit to join war campaigns why?

I think that’s fine, I do however think it’s just really damn dumb that they added a whole race that simply can’t tank.

Well your in luck. We live in a time when there are many choices in video games. Don’t like the way this one is going, no problem, go play something else.

Or do what the rage based CCs do, complain about this game, make a big splash about quitting, maybe you do, maybe you don’t, then come back and complain some more.

You can go either way, in fact there are probably other choices you have the freedom to make.

Almost nobody is complaining about this. The biggest issue is Drakthyr only being able to be evokers (and evokers not being able to melee/tank since that’s their only class option)

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Plus we already know that Evokers are the “cream of the crop, the best of the best of the best sir! With Honors” So it makes sense that the others would look at ways to better fufill their wyerns purpose.

Weird I just checked I can still make Belf Mage, so I guess a Class with a single race restriction, and a Race with a single Class restriction are a bit different.

Right but strangly we aren’t playing those MMOs but WoW.

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You mean they’d have to… level? A drakthyr warrior would be level 1 not 58, the evoker is the hero class, not the race. The evoker gets the free levels, not the race. So yeah I agree they’d have to learn, but that’s what leveling should represent.

Here is the problem. This shows Blizzard isn’t really listening no matter how often Ion says, “we heard you”. Players have been asking for more races for classes like night elf paladins, so more options for which classes each race can be. So the new race is the most limited of any race they have ever put in. Pandas could be all kinds of classes, but dragons haven’t figured out how to swing a large object at their enemies?


Right I mean it’s not like they are showing up in the pre-patch or something and might actually have time to start “learning and training” before being strong enough to go to the dragon isles and investigate.

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It’s not so much about them always doing it the wrong way. it’s about them doing as little as humanly possible development wise for as much revenue as possible.

From a mega greedy corporation stand point: Why create a class capable of being all races or vice versa when you need to take the development time to trace backwards compatibility for literaly thousands or tens of thousands of things in addition to sizing and fitting literally all previous armor sets to the new visage forms (unless they happen to be a rip off of existing skeleton models cough cough i’m sure that would never happen)

Or make a cookie cutter brand new class that starts at ground zero without having to trace anything previously existing in the game for conflicts in compatibility, etc.

It’s not as much to do with whether or not it makes sense and more to do with just inserting something new and fun with as little monetary resources as possible to capitalize on as much net profits as possible.

Shareholders ruined the game because now development teams answer to corporate bosses who answer to share holders. Bring the value down 1 dollar per share holder and you need to explain why and potentially lose your job.

Yeah, that’s the hard part.

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Adding a new race that can only be one new class is a very silly move to make. But Blizzard seems to like being told when they make mistakes.

JFC - enjoy playing the way you want to play, and let others enjoy playing the way they want to play, and realize that you aren’t in charge of the game. They developed the story and how it fits in, and you don’t have access to the main part of that story, just a taste of it. I guess whiners gonna whine and speculate about things they don’t know about.

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