Dragonflight is 10.0 Done Wrong

It work when dh came out

They just woke up and all they know is to be in a evoker it might be later on they can be other class but fir now no

In all the stories I’ve read about dragons, from Tolkien to Anne McCaffery and beyond, I’ve never once read about a dragon swinging a weapon at anyone.

They don’t need to. Their flaming breath usually does the trick.

In all the stories I have read about Draconic humanoids they usually do though. Like these aren’t dragons they are made from dragons sure, but that would be like saying Worgen should be able to cast spells because wolves can’t.

Oh yeah? How many of those stories have you read where the dragon was humanoid and stood as tall as a human? These aren’t real dragons, they’re humanoid dragons.

Unarmed melee class! Heck yes!

I am probably not the only one but I don’t plan on putting a lot of effort into the Dracthyr Evoker. Simply not interested in a ranged casting class. I am sure that will be okay in the long scheme of things.

Well not exactly unarmed, if you can breath fire at your opponent.

Your not sold on it ? But you where sold on SL ? LOL ?

And if we say nothing, we are to blame when things do not get changed for the better. If the developers are listening to us then they need to know that we think a new playable race being limited to only the new class is the wrong move here. I say again that I couldn’t care less about the Evoker. This is about the new race only being able to be an Evoker.

It seems fine to me, not everybody played DK’s when they came out, not every wanted to raid as DH’s. The same will go with invokers. Some people will end up liking them and maybe making one their main, most will stick with what they enjoy.

Why is this being turned into something about the class again? The focus of the issue is the Dracthyr and only being able to be Evokers. We want other class options for this new race and I for one don’t believe we should have to wait till 11.0 for it.

It’s either willful ignorance or purposeful confusion for the person to more easily attack the thought of more classes. By conflating Race and Class for dracthyr they can make asinine arguments like “Where are DK healers hur dur?,” “More tank classes won’t solve the tanking shortage” OR “Only Elves can be DH why isn’t that a problem” and my favorite “1st new ranged class ever why can’t we have nice things.” Instead of you know actually talking it over with people.

Good thing we’re in a free market where people can only play the games they like.

My Dragonborn in D&D can breathe fire at foes, and they still want armor and weapons/shields.

Shh you might hurt their “fantasy” kinda like Tauren Rogues have made the game unplayable.

I still think this is the better solution:

TL;DR: Leave Dracthyr be, but give us a playable dragon race that is more in line in the physicality of dragons. A Dragonborn analogue.

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As I said before I like the idea, but lets be honest Blizzard couldn’t be bothered to make the new race availble to all roles, they aren’t gonna be in any hurry to drop us a whole new race to make up for it. Maybe I’m wrong but if they are out of touch enough to not realize Dracthyr currently outright alienate certain players because of the lack of full options, I don’t figure they think they need to do anything else.

I’ll be honest - I don’t think that any amount of threads would cause Blizzard to create a new race on relatively short notice. But I do think that they would have them reconsider cutting something that is already in active development. Although they’ve said that no Allied Races are currently planned… I have my doubts about that. But if Drakonids are in active development and Blizzard decides to pull a WoD/SL with Dragonflight and “trim” content? I guarantee you that Allied Races would be among the first features to be considered for the chopping block.

How would Dracthyr know how to do anything else?