Dracthyr, NEED more Classes

Warstomp is a joke compared to the Dracthyr racials, and there are two of them. It also causes DR so it’s a negative for rogues depending on the content over using their real stuns. It has it’s uses sure, but it’s pretty useless in most situations in WoW.

Warstomp Fully stuns, the Dracthyr ones just just push them away and slow them down really along with an interupt.

So warstomp imo is more useful.

But at the end of the day, the two racials arent anything special when you consider say Zandalari racials. They also don’t deal damage, so I doubt they’d be changed or removed for other classes.

That’s why they made them racials over class spells.

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I think that is debatable. In a general PvE situation Warstomp will be much more consistently useful because of the aoe interrupt effecting an entire pack of mobs but what the double racial (that really should trigger the CD on both if your not an evoker) gains is significantly more control over who gets the interrupt/moved.

I think they’re about even because of that in PvE but the Drac racials are significantly stronger in PvP whenever there is a cliff around and you can land a 3 ish second stun to guarantee any class goes over.

True Drac racials are strong in PvP. But other races have really strong/OP PvP racials too.

At least Dracthyr can be either faction, so we won’t have wars about favoritism because of that.

But I could see the cooldown to them being increased to like 4 or 5 min, but evokers talent to reduce the cooldown being a greater reduction.

Yeah, they kinda need a lot of things: Better model, an additional female body type, the ability to display the armor they are wearing, the ability to mount up without leaving dragon form, the ability to be at least 6 more classes,

Right now they are just an npc class with npc abilities, like when you mind control something with a priest. It just feels lazy and awkward.

No. Maybe this will help encourage more folks to play healer.

I would rather they just make them both trigger the other cool down respectively. giving every class two more effective interrupts on a healer is kinda dumb.

for some reason, i don’t think that’s going to be the case, but we’ll see :crossed_fingers:

So they’ve added some of this. Right now, you can fully mount up as a Dragon. They can also now wear weapons that don’t rest on their back.

They also can use Shoudlers, Tabards, and 3D belt pieces.

But in the Beta right now, it sometimes looks like they are working on trying to add in Tmog capability for Helmets, Chest, and Legs on Dracthyr. But nothing concrete on that yet.

Imo, Body 1 & 2 are more female, body 3 & 4 are more male. Like it does make sense for Dragon form to be more androgynous. But I personally only use certain sizes depending on the sex I want for my Dracthyr.


As someone who mains healers, and only really plays classes to max content that CAN heal. I feel like it’s more harmful to only have 1 class on it.

Like, I’d love Shaman or Druid for the Dracthyr, so that I’d have a race I like better for those classes on the Alliance.

Same goes for Paladin, lol.

I feel like if that was the intention, then Evoker would’ve been a Hero Class for Blood and Void Elves or something similar, like DH.

So personally I still have hope that they’ll get at least Warrior, Priest, Mage, and Rogue.

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Warstomp adds DR to your other stuns, making the duration they last lower, same with the duration of warstomp if you use other stuns first. It also only hits 5 targets and has a cast time preventing you from doing anything else. This greatly lowers it’s value when you play a class with stuns or play with other classes with stuns, more so monks and DH that have powerful AOE stuns. It is great when you don’t have them though!

Tail Swipe launches them into the air for around the same duration untalented effectively doing the same thing without adding to their stun DR. It also hits every target rather than just 5. You do seem to still get hit by melee attacks if you stand right on top of them, but if you can just take a step back it’s good.

Both skills are really going to be used in most situations as a make shift interrupt or to stop enemies for a short moment and work around the same. Warstomp would probably be better verses some classes in PvP like Pally that has ranged attacks, but only if your team has no stuns, so not often.

Wing Buffet is just as good, little less so for a melee class outside of PvP situations. knocking back enemies a good distance, no target cap. This stops casts and attacks just like with Warstomps stun and Tail Swipe launching them into the air and also creates distance.

Each of these are just as good as warstomp, if not better, depending on the situation. Both are better for PvP most of the time, and about the same or better in Dungeons and open world content.

Zandalari racial is meh, their best DPS is mid or one of the worst races depending on your spec, I think they are the best for a single spec last time I checked the sims and what choice you choose. The heal is nice, but breaks on damage so it becomes pretty niche where Warstomp, Tailswipe and Wing Buffet nearly always have a use outside of some boss fights really.

With Evoker talents you can make their racials even stronger by reducing the CD of one of them by 45s and improving their knock back + adding a 70% slow for 4 sec. But other classes would not benefit from this so it’s kind of irrelevant in the discussion.

I do think it’s fine having Dracthyr classes, even if most classes will look silly as one. I just don’t want the racials to become worse for Evokers if that happens. Racials that stand out too much always get smacked down and nerfed, currently they are part of the Evoker kit so it does not matter but that changes with more class options.

A dragon that can’t tank :rofl:

Hyuck hyuck

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Also give them a 3rd spec for tanking maybe or a different dps spec.

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Realistically, they’ve been asleep for over 20,000 years, so of course they would know nothing about the other classes. So makes sense they are just one atm. Perhaps down the line there will be more, but who knows. Just enjoy what you have at the moment, in the end, it’s just a game.

Yes but a few things to remember

  1. They didn’t go right to sleep after being made.
  2. They were awake long enough to see use in battle.
  3. They fought alongside Drakonids who do use weapons and they would have seen those weapons in use.

There is not a lore reason for them to be oblivious to other weapons and their use.


Only Elite Dracthyr became Evokers, and the new legacies skits show them with several different weapons.

So even though they initially would’ve made sense to have 1 class now, and more down the line. The current lore angle seems even weirder to not at least start out with 2 classes (like the second class could just start at lvl.10, unlocking after you beat the Forbidden Isles).

IF they nerfed the racial, then the Evoker’s talent would reflect it so that the CD reduction and stuff equals what it currently is on live.

Although despite having 2 intterupt racials, it’s not necessarily better then other races who have damaging racials or slow racials, or the like. It’s just a perk of the race.

As for Rogue specifically, I don’t imagine a Drac or Tauren would use their racials until they are in “oh crap!” mode, being unstealthed and vulnerable to death.

I agree they will need to let them be more than one class, I can’t wait to see a monk Dracthyr punched and kicked by claws. A dracthyr Monk thats visage is a Draenei would be my dream toon!

I’m all for Fel Orcs, Broken, Naga, San’layn, Void Elves, Man’ari, Nightborne, what else? :stuck_out_tongue:
Train those you’ve got and recruit others.

Could tie it back to finding some tomes or some such belonging to Tyr or the titans. they could be the first arcane wielding paladins instead of light, or the draconic spell visuals they’ve got.
I’m all for various paladin spell themes based around various cosmic powers and letting people choose with they want to align with.

I’d still like to see a bulkier body and a head to match…kinda where you could make a black that has a bit of that Deathwing vibe. Big spikey chin :stuck_out_tongue: haha
There was that fan edit that went around that I loved.

Yeah :frowning:

Let them be shaman and make the Earthwarden tank spec people have asked for :stuck_out_tongue:

Another good option, could do a tank spec with a “gladiator” style thing built in where you can go tank or dps. Seems doable with the new talent trees.

Be great if it was something that plays out over the expansion, other classes becoming options, rather than something request for the next few years.

Yeah, this is another thing. They should have opened up the visage to just about any race. That’d basically allow any race as an evoker if the visage options included more.

Agreed 100% it would be better for players and the game to have more class diversity in a race

Nah, we will already be up to our eyeballs in lizards it would be substantially worse if they were not so limited. Plus i sort of understand why they did it this way, a bunch of the evoker skills are more like racials - a lizard warrior that can’t breath fire or use its wings the same wouldn’t make much sense would it?

The Evokers themselves are already said to be rare. The fact Dracthyr can only be evokers is already a contradiction to itself. The only restriction that makes sense for them is to have evokers limited to one per server.