Dracthyr, NEED more Classes

Dracthyr should remain as evoker and nothing else.

Evoker should remain a caster class and not have a tank spec added.

Right I’m honestly hoping that there is a sooner over later mentality going on. And I can’t wait to actually see more of the race over the expansion and what the lore and background really are.

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Tossing a link to my thread here:

TL;DR - Dracthyr only capture half of the draconic fantasy. Drakonids would capture the other half, allowing us to be bulky dragonmen in all those roles that Dracthyr cannot.


A race being only one class doesn’t make sense. It means they are totally unable to be individuals and goes against the idea of RP.


They’re dragon-people, not robots. They’re capable of looking at someone doing something they don’t know and asking ‘yo how’s that go again? i wanna try’.


This is true. However, I do think that it would be a more sensible option to simply add Drakonids as a playable race to fully appeal to the physical side of the draconic fantasy coin.

People that want a bulky draconic race with sexual dimorphism and the ability to tank win.
People that agree with the philosophy behind the Dracthyr Evoker exclusivity are uncompromised.

Wins all around.

What compromise? Dracthyr aren’t robots. They don’t do beep-boop, they’re capable of learning new things or having their own desires. If they weren’t, they wouldn’t be suitable as PCs because they’d be on strict autopilot.

I would be down for the Dracthyr to have more body types to maybe appeal to the bulkier melee fantasy, but a one-class race makes less than no sense because it infers that is literally all the race can do. Imagine if Orcs were Warriors and Shamans and that’s it. They’d be memed on for the entirety of the game.

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I say if we see one Dracthyr using weapon to fight in game we riot.

I see no reason a Dracthyr WOULDN’T want to pick up a weapon!

‘I tend to be pretty squishy if things get to me. Maybe if I used this really long spear/big sword I could keep things away from me. Nah, better go in with claws and hope for the best.’

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well you have 3 races - gnomes, goblins and vulpera who by that logic should not be able to tank so

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No knowledge of the other classes in the world? I am willing to bet we will come across tons of other types of Dragons and other beings in these zones that will be Warriors, Rogues, Shamans, Warlocks, and so on and so forth. You get my drift.

This just Evokers is nonsense and makes me a little mad.


Well the Dracthyr we’re playing have been isolated (I think?) from the rest of the world. I don’t recall if they were dormant, but if they were it would definitely make sense that they didn’t know about anything besides Evoking. If they weren’t dormant, I could only really see them teaching themselves to be Warriors, Hunters, Rogues and Mages (Mages cause they’d lean into the blue Dragonflight part of the class)

Playing a Dracthyr as a warrior would be insanely cool. The concept of being a dragon dual-wielding 2h weapons is pretty badass. Even if it was only 1 other class they have access to I would vote warrior.

Not as badass as a Drakonid with a couple two-handers.

I’ve not responded to this in ever.

But I have Beta, and Evokers are stated to be the elite Dracthyr. Implying they aren’t all Evokers.

Also, they now have voice lines for Energy, Rage, and Ammo.

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Ammo? Hunters have infinite ammo now so why bother with that?

Do you mean focus?

I personally don’t know about it. They would need their racials nerfed into dust if they where added as other classes. Imagine a Rogue, Mage and other classes with good CC getting to have another kockback + knockup. They would need to at least be removed from racials and added to the class.

As long as they find a way to do it without making the racials worse for Evokers who rely on them then IDC.

You realize that Tauren can be rogues and mages now, War Stomp is incredible.

Kul tirans also have a knockback racial they can use.

So Dracthyr are fine as is for other classes. I believe the cooldown is either 1.5 or 2.5 min for both wing buffet and tail sweep. Unless you’re an evoker who specs into a reduction on them.

I do not mean focus. The dialogue says Ammo, for both Visage and Drachtyr form in both sexes. It’s already been recorded.

My guess is it was pre-recorded when they envisioned adding Ammo back to Hunters.

Then again Void Elves and Nightborne have Demon Hunter lines for Fury. So it may mean nothing.

But the fact that they have the voice lines are a good extra hint imo.

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Makes me think of Demon Hunters and that class had TWO races. DH got old fast.

Dracthyr 100% will get more classes in the future.

Not only have blizz stated themselves in interviews shortly after the reveal of DF that it’s a possibility (because nothing is stopping a drac from picking up a sword and being a warrior), but also the starting experience for eveokers.

As the OPs edit states, the starting quests for evokers confirm that not all dracthyr are evokers. It’s safe to assume those dracthyr will learn the same ways of mortals after joining the two biggest mortal factions on azeroth.

Plus, nothing is gonna stop me from becoming a dracthyr paladin.