Dracthyr, NEED more Classes

add priest and rogue to that list, they’re giving everyone access to mages, rogues and priests, might as well give the dracthyr them too.

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In all fairness, I don’t really think this is that big of a deal. It’s basically just the reverse of what they did in Legion. Instead of making a new class that only 2 races could be, they made a new race that could only be one class. At least both the race and class are new.

That being said, I’m fine with them getting new classes in the future, in the same way I want more races to be able to be DH’s in the future. But I don’t feel like its the earthshattering ordeal some have made it out to be.

It will never make sense to me that a super-soldier program somehow left out lessons on ‘how not to have a glass jaw’ and ‘this slab of metal strapped to your arm will protect you from blows’.

It’s so, so stupid, and the Dracthyr fantasy as a whole suffers for it because it makes them and their creator look incompetent.


I feel like eventually, Blizzard will open up their hearts and give us more classes for the Dracthyr. I think it’d be cool to see Dracthyr’s being warriors or any plate class. In my opinion, I do hope Blizzard does give us more class options for the Dracthyr, they’re a cool race to play from the looks of it. And to be honest, I can probably see them being druids because they seem to function like Worgens.


Blizzard is waiting for a later patch just so they can pocket race changes if we wanna keep our progress

For real. This is such race-change bait it’s embarassing.

The lack of effort being applauded here is… It’s just stunning. This was the same company that shelved two whole games for not living up to spec, and now they think one-class-races are the future?


It is probably just to try and cut costs by not having to fix animations for any other classes for them.

If they are popular enough and people keep asking I would expect to see them have most, if not all classes, added to them the expansion following Dragonflight.

They are gonna look silly as hell monk rolling though.

Torpedo is where it’s at.
The problem becomes how do you measure popular with only one class? I mean you have people right out the gate that can’t main the race because they raid and have to fill a tank or melee roll. Or can’t because somebody has to play something ranged wise like mage for buffs. I’m sure a lot of Evokers will be running around but how many will see lower playtime as forced alts

The race has a shelf-life of one expansion unless their class options open wide, and that’s being generous. If Evoker is bad or can’t compete in the meta, then Dracthyr are DOA outside of the diehards.


I’d really like making a black dracthyr tank of some sort. Makes me wish the whole idea of a earthwarder shaman tank was a thing, then could make a Dracthyr that was one.

A green dracthyr druid would have been a cool option with more draconic themed forms.

The single class restriction is dumb.


A little late to this thread but id say theyre trying to stay away from 3 specs cause last two times balancing was horrible. Dks being ridiculously op to monks being underwhelming in MoP.

That may be true and it is certainly understandable from a balancing perspective–we all know how bad at balancing things Blizzard already is, after all.

I think where they messed up was locking the race to a single class. Had they simply planned for more classes from the onset I don’t think nearly as many people would have taken issue.

Most of the animations for the other classes already work on them too… judging from their recent addition to the WoWhead dressing room.

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They never open up dh why would they start now

Well, they never opened up Demon Hunters because of lore reasons, but they are opening up Rogues, Mages, and Priests to Taurens, High Mountain, and Draenei. Meaning, that we have a possibility of getting more classes for the Dracthyr eventually.

That’s two entirely different things though, races get new class access from time to time, in fact as pointed out several are opening wide up.

While current lore and gameplay seems to support not opening up classes it only does if we assume that the only Dracthyr who join Alliance/Horde are Evokers and the rest stay behind, you know instead of various members of the Weyrns joining up and some of those starting to train in other methods.

There part of the dragon flight only the we play are out cast for now

Pls give tank option :pleading_face:

It’s more work, testing and balancing that isn’t budgeted in the current release date. The racials are awesome because they compliment the class and they would need to be nerfed by a lot to make the race non mandatory for other classes in competitive play. You want to be other classes with them because they are badass but they can’t be badass without being restricted to one class. It just becomes the obvious meta race for every class they can be at that point.

And things like those racials should be toned down if Blizz genuinely intends to open up the class options. Like it’s gonna feel bad for everyone Evokers included if it gets nerfed to the ground next expac.

I am seeing hopeful signs of dracthyr getting more classes. I just…hope they dont get them three years from now. Hopefully they are hinting at them being unlocked later in the xpack.

for those that have not seen it yet, when going around the starting zone it is very clearly established that not all the dracthyr are evokers. as a matter of fact, being an evoker is considered rather prestegious because not a lot of dracthyr achive it. there is a little plauqe you can find detailing what the Earth Warder’s plan for the dracthyr were, detailing how they would be seperated into different groups to specialize in one of the following: defence, healing, attacking, infiltration and strategy. An evoker is one of the rare few who mastered some of the magic from each catagory. (several dracthyr remark on the track they were put in. one even mentions having planed on being a diplomat)
We also see several dracthyr trapped in stasis. these dracthyr are called “obsidian wadrers.” and remain stuck in stasis when you leave the zone, with one of the few from their group who made it out deciding to stay behind to try to find a way to save them. (you can watch kraken latte’s videos for a thorough exploration of the zone- though its quite long)

I also noticed a curious little detail while making my Dracthyr in the wowhead dressing room. they seem to already have animations in place for using javelins, guns and bows.

so, fingers crossed i guess. this at least helps add more dimensions to the race and dispels the argument of “why would a dracthyr want to be anything other than evoker.” because apparently its a hard thing to achieve and non evoker dracthyr already seem to exist in lore.