Dracthyr, NEED more Classes

They already said they are gonna allow drackthyr to fight in their humanoid forms. So it’s not the same at all, cause this will actually happen. Besides, this opens up new races to factions that do not have them. Untainted thalassians for alliance, and humans for the horde. Where as Worgen just gave you another human which you already had on the faction, with no new customization options to match it being a gilnean. The visage forms have all new hair styles that blood elves do not have.

And no, void elves got skin and hair color. We still have garbage hair and a racial that turns us purple. Plus an evil sounding voice and purple blood when attacked. That is no high elf. But the drackthyr visage form is a high elf.

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I agree with you and they should have access to

Warrior (Plate)
Evoker (Mail)
Rogue (Leather)
Mage (Cloth)

These classes cover everything in my opinion, on top of making them unique to be able to have access to the new race. :blush:


Is there Visage forms without the weird scales or horns?
Because if the void elf off-branding was enough to throw you you’d think that’d be uh, less conforming than the former.

Yeah. They said visage forms will be highly customizable. Tacking on or removing what you want.

If I could be a warrior or a paladin Drackthyr I would immediately roll one in DF. But I freaking can’t. I’m gonna have to wait until the next expansion to have any real fun. It’s great.

I just can’t grok “The Dragon race can’t let me be an elf” as anything but an extremely luxurious complaint.

Like if that was the only flavour of issue WoW had these days, we’d be sitting so pretty.

Which I guess comes off as being dismissive of the viewpoint, which I get must be grating for wanting to be the High Elf fighty man of your dreams. (I want Yaungol-the best I can settle for is Lyre-horned Tauren)

But in the grander scheme, the new race/class being a one combo thing isn’t a big deal to me so long as they make it work and play well.


So basically, we should be okay waiting until 11.0? Not I! Blizzard needs to hit this one out of the park and the Dracthyr as they stand right now are a double at best. I am going to make a new character in a game I enjoy and not be able to play it how I imagine a dragon race would be able to be played?

Honestly all this is doing is making me simply not even want to bother making a Dracthyr.

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[Neltharion] makes dracthyr to be the ultimate soldiers

dracthyr can only be range dps or healers of a single stripe

[also Neltharion] “I see nothing wrong with this.”

new race/class pitch meeting v

“so we have a new race and new class. How do we ensure people will play them?”

“Well we know lots of players will want to play the new race but not as the new class. Pandaren are a perfect example. Monk was their selling point but they weren’t limited to it.”

“Why don’t we make it so the new race can only be the new class and no other race can be the new class and when asked why we’ll say lore reasons? The nerds on the forums will surely back us up on this.”

“We see nothing wrong with this.”

“But what about all the players who will say they’ll just wait until next expansion then?”



Problem is the later pile still includes non-allied races that can’t be monks. The track record for opening up options hasn’t really been stellar from Blizz after a race is released.

Yeah every time I see Neltharion brought up as the reason I try not to sarcastically ask if they know he isn’t real.

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Why would a dragon, with iron scales, teeth, and claws be a coward a stay behind those that have heavy armor?

Dude. Chill. Dracthyr is not meant to be a high elf. The females vesage form uses a human model even. Not the blood elf one.


Okay. But the male one is still a Thalassian. Considering the visage form can be used in combat, can be customized to be exactly like a high elf I mean… why not use it as one? It’s already a million times better looking than a void elf. They actually have decent hair styles, and will probably have a voice that fits the part as well.

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Which would be unfair to worgen, and shouldn’t be allowed that.

With scales all over and horns?

Because it’s the dragon race and should be used as that?

As you post on a toon that looks 100% like a high elf…

Since when do high elves turn purple and have receding hair? I look nothing like a high elf, sound nothing like a high elf.

It’s not unfair to Worgen. Their worgen form is just a human form. No new customization in human form, and humans are already in the alliance as a playable race. Soon they will be able to become druids as well so it’s pointless.

Drackthyr visage form is said to be usable in combat. So clearly blizzard agrees. They said they are working on a way to use them in combat.

The scales and horns can be removed, they said visage is highly customizable and you can add or remove whatever. So you can have just a normal elf.

Sure, it’s a dragon race. But dragons have used High Elf forms for as long as they’ve existed. So it fits to me

You’ve been told multiple times how to turn that off by fen. Don’t get started with that here.

Then play a blood elf?

Worgen players wants to play in human form in combat. Their 2 forms is a human.

It won’t be fair to them.

But to you the voice is all that matters right?

But the voice lines! :rofl:

They said they want to try to have it usable. I disagree with the reasons above.

Not entirely, there will be moves that forces you to transform, so the graphics of constantly transforming is gonna be interesting…

In game they don’t fight in those forms. They fight in dragon form, as should a dragon should.

That then forces me to have no racial. Basically like having a trinket, proccing it, but then turning it off. I lose out on a lot of damage. I just want the effect but to not turn purple.

A blood elf is horde.

Well too bad. Blizzard is gonna allow visage form in combat. Clearly they feel it’s a different scenario.

The voice, the hair, the not turning purple racial. That is what matters to me.

I mean it’s sad they lose it but it’s still small in comparison to what you gain with a drackthyr visage form.

Only if you play evoker. If you were a warrior you’ll never have to be a dragon, right? Cause warrior isn’t tied to being a dragon like evoker is.

I mean Heroes of the storm has Alexstrasza fight in both her high elf form and her dragon form. And that’s an official blizzard product. So they see dragons as using both.

And? Learn to cross faction play?

Please the dud not give the legendary bow to lfr when would they do this it only one class fir now get over it

What dud and what do trees have to do with anything

Seems kind of strange for blizz to say that they want to let all races be all classes and then release a new race that can only be one class.


It really is just a baffling decision. Anywhere else, this would be called lazy, especially to tout it as an expansion archstone, but that Blizzard Magic™ seems to be enchanting people to think otherwise here.

The fact that the Dracthyr, in the entirety of their race, don’t know how a shield works is really, really pathetic.


Just seems an entire waste of resources to include ONE flipping class.

If they can wear Mail, there’s no reason not to have all the classes for cloth/leather easily within lore.

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