Don't Bother Gearing Through PvP in Shadowlands

Pasted from MMO Champion:

Much like upgrading your Benthic gear in 8.2, you simply talk to the upgrade vendor and place the PvP item into the UI menu. You will be able to upgrade a piece 5 times, maxing it out at rank 6. Honor gear is item level 158 at rank 1 and finishes at item level 190, which is the equivalent of rank 1 conquest gear.

  • Rank 1 - 158 Ilvl
  • Rank 2 - 164 (+6 Ilvl)
  • Rank 3 - 171 (+7 Ilvl)
  • Rank 4 - 177 (+6 Ilvl)
  • Rank 5 - 183 (+6 Ilvl)
  • Rank 6 - 190 (+7 Ilvl) (Item turns from rare to epic)

Honor Costs
There is a different Honor currency cost depending on the item you wish to upgrade:

  • Two-Handed Weapon

    • Rank 2 - 2625 Honor
    • Rank 3 - 3150 Honor
    • Rank 4 - 3675 Honor
    • Rank 5 - 4200 Honor
    • Rank 6 - 4725 Honor
  • One-Handed Weapon, Head, Chest, Leg

    • Rank 2 - 1500 Honor
    • Rank 3 - 1800 Honor
    • Rank 4 - 2100 Honor
    • Rank 5 - 2400 Honor
    • Rank 6 - 2700 Honor
  • Shield, Offhand

    • Rank 2 - 750 Honor
    • Rank 3 - 900 Honor
    • Rank 4 - 1050 Honor
    • Rank 5 - 1200 Honor
    • Rank 6 - 1350 Honor
  • Shoulder, Hands, Waist

    • Rank 2 - 1200 Honor
    • Rank 3 - 1440 Honor
    • Rank 4 - 1680 Honor
    • Rank 5 - 1920 Honor
    • Rank 6 - 2160 Honor
  • Neck, Ring, Cloak, Wrist, Trinket

    • Rank 2 - 900 Honor
    • Rank 3 - 1080 Honor
    • Rank 4 - 1260 Honor
    • Rank 5 - 1440 Honor
    • Rank 6 - 1620 Honor

This is absurdity.

So, let me do some maths here.
As a havoc demon hunter, if i want to fill every single one of my slots (and we can just ignore the whole problem with many of the slots not even being bis stat-wise), I need 156,750 honor. Note the base cost of the items were pulled from the beta on September 7th, and aren’t included in the list above.

Right now, a battlegroud win on the beta awards 300 honor. Let’s throw in an additional 100 honor for mid-battleground rewards. So, 400 honor per win. We’ll say 100 honor per loss. I think this is generous, but humor me.

Let’s say you have a 50% win loss rate, so we can average the win vs loss values.

This results in a 250 honor per battleground value.

So, take my havoc demon hunter value of 156,700 honor divided by 250 honor per battleground. This yields 627 battlegrounds.

Let’s say a battleground takes an average of 15 minutes.

That’s 9,405 minutes in total
That’s 156.75 hours
That’s approximately 6.5 days
6.5 days to get 190 ilvl gear. That’s either 4 ilvls below lfr, or 3 above it, depending on the boss from which the loot is dropping.
Mythic dungeon gear is 183 ilvl.

I mean, why even introduce pvp vendors for honor gear if the grind is going to be this unreasonable? Hopefully several hot fixes will come in to correct honor rewards from bg’s


Because Ion lives to insult players in the game.


:yawning_face: mythic+ it is…again…for the third xpac in a row. Time to find a pve guild…


Because honor gear is designed to fill gaps and be obtained along side conquest gear. Sloe and steady wins the race.

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Maybe they are increasing the gain of honor?

Yeah, probably not.


Interesting. I viewed honor gear as the stepping stone to conquest gear, especially considering you can’t really farm for conquest gear until the season is released, and the season won’t be released until at least a couple weeks after the expansion is released.

If this is your viewpoint, I’m to be farming honor and conquest gear at the same. What gear will I be wearing in the meantime? Gear from leveling?


Well, you’ve never really been able to farm conquest gear unless you started late in the season. It’d always been capped.


Yes that’s correct. Pushing rating would increase your max cap. Therefore, winning arenas could indirectly be considered farming

I guess that’s one way to look at it.

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I like the new system. Farm honor like everyone else and gear up at a similar pace depending on life/no life. Throw a few dungeons in why not they are short and a bit of fun. Then when seasona released you verse people who did the same. Now you csn start gettinf conquest gear each week along side honor gear.

I personally like it because i dont want to be burning through the content and be fully geared too quickly, gettinf upgrades is nice.

I guess we’ll agree to disagree. I don’t think it’s good design that I would have to spend 6.5 days’ game time farming gear that is effectively on par with LFR gear.

I’ll be pve’ing, because I can get fully geared in a fraction of the time, which is really what the whole problem is. That, and many of the pvp item pieces having bad stats


Honor gear is never meant to be great, hence why it is farmable. Conquest is capped out every week so that people cant hyper outgear others. Even lfr gear you cant really farm, you get at best 3 pieces of gear a week if you’re lucky? and lfr comes out like 4-5 weeks after expac launches. If you REALLY want that full 190 gear, you can totally grind bgs to oblivion and be the most geared person by the time lfr starts.
That being said… i do think they should increase the item level or rank1 honor gear and reduce the number of upgrades needed… maybe max rank 3 or 4 at 190 ilvl

The fact that you said you’re going to do pve instead to do pvp reminded me of Stoopzz video
TLDR… why do we NEED to do PVE to do well in PVP?


Tiqqle’s vid on the topic is good too:


Jeezis give us a break blizz!


Those values seem a bit insane, especially when you consider honor gear blue set could be done in 2-3 days over the weekend in Ashran during WoD. Faster if you won frequently.

The end ilvl of honor gear needs to get pushed to normal raid level gear and conquest gear needs to be higher then Heroic lvl (preferably at Mythic ilvl but I’ll take 3 ilvl lower as a compromise). To be fair since it doesn’t look like we are getting stat choices for gear, conquest gear should be higher then mythic raid gear, and on par with the last 2 boss bonus.


I don’t know why anyone thought they were going to hit the right stride on launch. It’s going to take them at least until 9.3 to get it right. Of which they will have to re-iterate again or decide to go back on putting pvp gear in the game for a second time, cause they saw people not using the system as they intended.

Conquest is looking even worse!

This video by Stoopzz:

TLDR: we will be doing PVE for our PVP gear, yet again


Ugh. The grind for PVE is so bad, I can never find to to PVP once I start.

Once again they scru the pooch


The most cringe thing about this is even if you did put the time in to get the 190 iLvL. Most classes in PvP dont need 90% of the stat variations that are available throught the vendor. I am also assuming conquest gear is the same way.

So, that being said even if they shorten the time to achieve this rank 6 PvP gear… PvE gear will still be superior due to combination of stats that are offered.

Sad day :frowning: