Does vanilla classic even have one server?

That doesn’t really answer the question – it’s more sorta virtue-signalling answer for retail/TBC haters.

Can you elaborate?

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the question of “why would anyone play vanilla when we could play TBC” is stupid on its face, so whatever.

That’s an excellent elaboration of your original response.

#respect for consistency.

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Still would’ve been dead I’m willing to bet. If there isn’t a large enough population to jump-start a fresh server—people would have looked around at the lack of population and just slowly left.

It’s like, you need a pretty solid number of people to commit in the first place, to even have any sort of retention.

With that being said—after WotLKC, I predict a slight resurgence in Vanilla Classic interest. People want those first 3 expacs—then, kind of like your phase 6 forever servers, people get tired of the stagnation and want to start either a new expac or start the cycle again (from Vanilla).

This. Quoted for truth.

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As someone who never played Vanilla when it was current and always regretted it, I thoroughly enjoyed playing Classic Era. That being said, I have no interest in going back to it. My plan is to play through WOTLK, and then I’ll probably go back to Retail.

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Almost NOBODY wants vanilla lol. Theres only one guildy i know that said he’d actually go back and play on fresh vanilla server. Everyone else basically said “absolutely not”. Its just bad. 2nd time around it’ll literally be nothing but warriors and mages.

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I would love to play Vanilla without the world buff meta.

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It would have to basically be wotlk without blood elves or dk’s for me to play it tbh. I talk in terms of quality of life changes and features in that expansion, like dungeon finder, dual spec, honor PvP gear/system, etc. Just leave out boa gear and its perfect.

blizzard disagrees

What do you mean? The fact that the servers are still all up? Blizzard probably wants to shut them down to save money. Most of them have like 30 people online at a given time, blizz is losing money on electricity alone hosting them.

Ok that all actually looks pretty darned nice. Might actually give it a try while I wait for Wotlk classic. But I won’t be touching PvP unless i’m twinking, because they look to be keeping the sweatlord ranking system, and that’s WAY too hardcore for me. But the leveling changes, increased herb/ore spawns, etc look nice, and they should have done ALOT of that including the world buff meta disabling while vanilla classic actually existed, not now. But I suppose the no changes crowds to blame for that.

Everyone has always been saying some changes was best, and a classic+ was a better idea. I look forward to seeing if that’s true, which i’m pretty sure it is.

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Does classic era aka vanilla classic still have servers? Yes, but for your meaning then no. I’ve been visiting the clusters since TBC launched aka The Split. FYI west coast has 1 pve cluster and 1 pvp cluster, while east coast has 2 pvp clusters and 1 pve cluster. For those unaware clusters are where players enter the world on their server for example Azuresong and join a unified world where multiple servers exist in a permanent world without phasing or the like. We can trade, enchant, use the same AH, be in the same zones and cities without phasing or separate loadings. The west coast pve cluster includes Myzrael, Azuresong, Atiesh, and Old-Blanchy. We all exist on the same world, same server essentially.

Yes I play classic era server. Do we ever see more than 400 people online during peak times? No, but we get close during peak times with raids. Do we regularly have dungeons from deadmines to Stratholme? Yes. There is even more activity in dungeons than the months leading up to TBC launch. Do we have boosters? No. Do we have bots? Not really. Do we have raids? Yes. The PvE clusters average 200 people online during day time hours and more during peak hours and raid times. Those are alliance numbers. Horde numbers are significantly lower. But you have to look at cluster numbers, not simply server numbers. Honestly, the 38 people Rozgul saw on horde were probably for the entire cluster, not for Mankrik alone. The AH on horde is mostly dead on any cluster. The AH on alliance is a lot more lively, with 3-4 pages of blue rare items weapons and armor. Green uncommons take up at least 20 pages.

Most of the player base enjoys leveling and doing dungeons, while not being in a guild. Most of the people I know hit 60 and then start a new alt to enjoy the experience again with a new class. You can look most of the time and more than half the players are guildless. We have a handful of guilds and they usually have 40+ ppl online to do content with. A common occurrence is being in westfall and needing to group for killing the scarecrow mechanical watchers, you know the ones, due to quite a few people leveling there.

Should all the clusters be grouped into the same permanent server? Probably a good idea, especially since pvp clusters generally don’t have more than 70 ppl online during peak hours. They recently had a 8 hour maintenance window this week for wow classic era. I thought maybe they might do just that, but there were no mergers. The only change visible was the appearance of Free Character Transfers to Mankrik. Which would boost the East Coast PvE server cluster for sure if a lot of people took advantage of it. However, I am not going to move all 17 of my characters to the Windseeker/Mankrik/Pagle/Ashbringer etc server cluster though. The West Coast PvE cluster is just as populous, at least alliance wise.


And their judgemental is impeccable.

Blizzard sabotaged anyone who wanted to RP in vanilla by only making one non pvp rp server then encouraging all the trolls, hc players and farmbots to go there. Now it’s the ‘official hc’ server and anyone who’s not hc gets ignored or harrassed.
blizz has always tried to get rid of their rp community because they are high maintenance and actually complain about the game being sold out. Let’s face it, this game’s story doesn’t deserve to be rp’d nor do the dev’s or executives deserve money or respect. I’m glad the game is dying and good riddance, there are better games out there compared to what’s left to do in wow. Once they make this stupid change I’ll either go play on a private server and give them my money or go play FF14 with everybody else.

Bloodsail Buccaneers was hopping at first, good for a quick buck for blizz, then it just rapidly spiralled down into **** per blizz’s design and encouragement.

There is only one era that I’m truly interested in remaining in. This is Wrath. Classic is amazing though, I enjoyed it so much more then how I’m feeling in TBC. I feel very lonely in TBC. No friends. Everyone raid logs. I can’t seem to connect with anything here.

I don’t know about that. What are you going to do there? Raid sunwell for eternity and have no rated arena season for pvpers?

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dude same… i dont understand it

That’s what people said about Vanilla classic and I believed them. I was wrong. It doesn’t appear as though there’s enough vanilla players to make one viable server. I’m guessing the same will happen with BC classic. When wrath comes out BC will be gone.