Does vanilla classic even have one server?

Not trolling here, i’m serious, I accidently clicked on vanilla when I booted up the game and saw that every single server is low pop. Do they even have one server that people play on now?

I was telling people a while back when they were in denial about TBC even being a thing that 80 percent or more would leave vanilla and I remember a few adamant people on here telling me a bunch of times that more like 30 percent would go to TBC because vanilla was better, yet here I am seeing that not even ONE server has a functioning community? Weird.

I don’t even feel like saying I told you so right now, that feels like a low blow to those guys lmao. Wonder if this will happen to a few particular other people on these forums once wotlk is released? Will I feel too bad to say I told you so then as well?

EDIT: YOOOOOOOOO wtf LOL, 38 people on mankrik. That was like, one of the two biggest servers LMAO. Holy crap! Arcanists kept more players than that before funorb was shut down after being abandoned for 5 years, and it was a 2d flash game!


There are some people who still play Era. I know more who tried to hold out and quit. I’m in a Classic Era Discord as well and there are guilds recruiting there and raiding, just not a ton. There are also still some conversations on the Classic forums.

IMO if TBCC has forever servers after WotLK Classic (if this ever happens at this point) it will be the same.

I’ll be honest I planned to keep playing both Era and TBCC but the problem was I really did get everything I wanted from when Classic was more active, so I just never ended up putting time into getting involved with the Era community. I would play fresh though if it’s not full of MTX, especially if I still have an active sub at that point. I don’t feel like arguing which version is better and I actually greatly preferred Classic to what TBCC is today but that’s for a lot of reasons and people can like what they like.

Keep in mind there are Vanilla private servers that people are playing on right now so thinking that people simply don’t like the “Vanllla experience” isn’t really accurate.

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38 people though? That’s INSANE. 5 level 60’s in scholo, one level 60 in org, a few low levels in different quest zones, none in the same zone btw, and one 60 mage in thousand needles for god knows what reason.

15 weapons on the auction house, 2 pages of armor with the highest item being a level 52 cloth boe craftable item.

This is one of two of the largest servers in the game, the dominate faction btw, on mankrik, horde. I’m just kind of amused yet surprised seeing all of this as I looked around on my level 1 orc named: ‘‘Anyonehere’’.

I kinda have mixed hopes now, I don’t want there to be a trend of only one version of the game being active at a time, but at the same time, this would be brutally satisfying to see happen to TBC servers given the major backlash I see at the idea of Wotlk classic. Kinda like how that half crazy chick in the hunger games liked the idea of having one more hunger games with the capitols children after they beat the capital in that war in the final movie.

That’s how I feel seeing vanilla being so dead. It’s satisfying, but in a harsh, that’s kinda too satisfying kind of way.

Its players that are in denial. There are very few hardcore vanilla players, but the rest of us knew that TBC was going to kill it. I also think that WOTLK will kill TBC once we get it, but I don’t think TBC servers will be as dead as Classic Vanilla servers are currently.

Vanilla just isn’t a good game compared to its “classic” counterparts. Its slow, unbalanced, and terribly itemized. Nobody is really surprised that its dead.


A lot of vanilla WoW was “off limits” to millions. Thousands of people never hit 60, millions never made it passed Molten Core, and the absolute vast majority never entered Naxx. WoW Classic was a chance for millions to not only relive one of their most favorite times in gaming, but also do all the things they only ever dreamed of doing 15 years ago.

Now that all those people have completed that content?.. Who would want to replay WoW Classic a second time? That’s a very niche desire for most gamers.


People want the new thing, even if it isn’t strictly “new” so Classic Era was DOA the moment TBCC was announced… and WotLKC will do the same to TBCC, and so on and so forth.

I’m more than willing to bet a fair hunk of gold that despite Cataclysm’s general hate, assuming Blizzard is still trucking along, we’ll see a lot of folks abandon WotLKC for CataC, if for no other reason than giving it a fresh try or wanting to continue doing new things with current characters.

Yeah agree but “kill” is relative. I’m pretty sure enough people will stay behind in TBC that it will be fine once the servers are linked together. I’ll be one of those people… WotLK sucks and I’d rather delete my account than play it again. TBC is just the better game out of the 3 (minus all the new bugs courtesy of Blizzard)… so, there has to be more people staying behind next time around (if there is a next time).

People mocked me when I said 95% or so would leave classic for crusade and never look back. Look at your classic realm populations now.

I also tried to tell Blizzard not to make so many classic realms.
THEN I tried to tell them to patch all the classic realms up so you wouldn’t be left with a giant graveyard afterwards.
NOW we’re in the situation where they desperately need need merges (exactly as I predicted if nothing else was done).

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How would a perma tbc server work with pvp seasons after phase 5? Are they planning on adding a fifth season to go along with 5 phases?

TBC is dying faster than Vanilla ever did.
People want vanilla, what they don’t want are these dead servers.

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Blizzard gated people characters with the paid clone. If people could have kept their characters for free it would have played out differently.


Blizzard really should just merge all the Vanilla servers into one each for PvE & PvP & then force everyone to rename their characters in order to log in to play. Would solve a lot of issues.

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they wanna spend the entire day before raid to collect all the world buffs just to loose them outside of the raid, or someone pulling an extra pack in naxx causing a raid wipe.

Poor management of classic

No, we have direct evidence that you’re wrong. A very small minority wants vanilla. If people actually wanted vanilla, there would be populated servers for it. We know that’s not the case. This is a fact. It’s not a matter of opinion. We can directly measure the interest in vanilla based on the number of people playing it, which is virtually no one.

Many people also pointed to private servers to indicate the level of interest in vanilla. Private servers are a meme. Barely anyone ever touched private servers, and their relevance was over stated.

The people who came back to play classic in 2019, never touched private servers. They were an audience of player that wanted to do all the things they never got a chance to do in the original version of the game. As soon as naxx was over, players were going to slowly trickle out. TBC only added to that effect because it’s a more optimized game.

Why would I want to play vanilla when I can play TBC instead?

They could release fresh servers right now for classic, and you’d find out very quickly that they would die off. They probably wouldn’t even make it to AQ before the realm was dead.

The nostalgic driven player base completed classic. They aren’t going to play it again.


Classic servers are ghost towns now and the herd all moved together into TBC or quit again. If fresh servers pop up then the ones that quit will probably repopulate the new fresh servers and there will be a new herd that follows.

However, each patch leading up to WotLK will peel off that base steadily…

because TBC is one step closer to retail

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source: ur butt

Why would I want to play TBC when I can play WotLK instead?

Why would I want to play WotLK when I can play Cata instead?

Why would I want to play Cata when I can play MoP instead?

Why would I want to play MoP when I can play WoD instead?

The question is the same. I agree with the comment Fasc wrote.

The majority on this forum like TBC over Vanilla and that’s why they are still here despite the “problems” with TBCC (including serious bugs that made it into the game and other things). I’m not going to argue on “expansion favorites” because it’s entirely subjective.

I know you’ll probably not even read this Astandrelyne but the condescending wording in every post doesn’t make you look smart or more correct, it makes you look like a jerk. You might want to work on that, the opinion part is fine.

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The WoW game actually improved in many ways (IMO) post-Vanilla, but eventually some awful changes overwhelmed the good changes & it reversed course to being a bigger dumpster fire of poor game/class/spec design than the original WoW Vanilla game really was itself in the beginning.